"Sikreto ng Matagal na Pagsasama"

SIKRETO ba ika mo,
Meron nga ba?
Sa palagay ko... 


pero may mga paraan 
upang ito'y maisakatuparan.
Depende sa dalawang 
nagdesisyong magsama
sa hirap o ginhawa
sa lungkot man o saya.

Meron bang "formula"
ang wagas na pagmamahalan
at walang hanggang suyuan?
Babae ba ang nagdadala
o ang salitang


ang dapat na sangkap para
mapanatili ang tamis at sarap.

DEBUT ko Noon, DEBUT nya Ngayon - Part 2

Catering ng Frecel's Cuisine
Catering ng Frecel's Cuisine

Di makukumpleto ang handaan
kung walang "chibugan"
Salamat sa Frecel's Cuisine
ang mga dumalo ay di nabitin.

Simple pero elegante
 ang loob at labas ng "venue"
 dahil sa Rave Party One
siguradong OK ang "lights and sound"!

DEBUT ko Noon, DEBUT nya Ngayon - Part 1

Ang Debutante at ako
Ang Debutante at ako

Naisip ko lang
ang malaking kaibahan
nang aking ipagdiwang
ang ikalabing-walong kaarawan.

Naghanda lamang nang kaunti
para pagsaluhan
ng aking pamilya
at ilang kaibigan.

Naalala ko pa nga
palapa pa ng niyog
ang nagsilbing dibisyong nilagay
sa labas ng aming bahay.

"Ligawan Noon at Ngayon - Ano ang Pagkakaiba?"

Kahoy ay sinisibak
Tubig ay iniigib
Mabangong bulaklak
ang handog sa babaeng iniibig.

Cellphone ang nasa kamay
o sa harap ng computer, naglamay
Nagkasagutan na ang dalawa
"In a relationship" na ang status nila.

Being The Eldest of Four

Simplymarrimye - Being the eldest of four
From left to right - DL, Mommy, Daddy, Malu, Mahlen, ME and Kiko

Filipino families are known to be
With a father, working hard for the money
a mother, keeping the home
 a shelter of harmony
and the children, burning eyebrows
to get a degree..

Typical and basic as it is...
I came from an environment with
humble beginnings.
A product of early marriage... the firstborn
and the eldest of four
was raised by a couple who
struggled, lived and survived the
difficulties of life.

Miles Away

Miles away from you

The future is promising
And blessings are abundant
Working hard to provide
Even it means being away... miles away from home.

There are moments of joy
We're not able to share
There are moments of worries
With no shoulder to cry on.

There are times of sickness
I feel not your warmth
But I have to be strong
for our kids and their future.

The Hurting

Tears continue flowing
my eyes never dried
the past keeps on hurting
relieving the pain, I've tried.

Seeking for true happiness
wounds of heart, I get
filling up this emptiness
is much to my regret.

Meeting The Letter Writer for the First Time

My Debutante meets The Letter Writer
My Debutante meets The Letter Writer

It's my honor and pride to meet her in person
I only know her by name
and we happen to have the same.

It's my honor and pride to have her as my guest
and read my open letter 
for my debutante daughter.

The Superwoman We Know

She has been the
we know
who never fails to keep our
a place of 
convenience and pleasure.

She never fails to plan, 
prepare and cook
the best meal on our table
Never let the clothes 
dirty and crumpled.
Everything is organized from
ceiling to floor.


Image not mine

When you expect 
will happen 
and it never did...
There's a reason behind it.

When you expect 
will come
and he/she never did...
There's an explanation to it.

Lizzette Aira - A Name That's Uniquely Owned

An instance flashed back before me, 
February of 1994, 
I learned that I was pregnant 
for the second time
after a miscarriage.

I recalled a time when I started 
to write down names like: 
Canisha Yvon, Dana Maureen, Leira Denisse 
but nothing would seem better than this particular name.
It never crossed my mind 
to search the meaning of your name 
ever since you were born 
until I found myself writing this. 
To my surprise, 
the definition describes who and what you really are... 
but sensitive and emotional by nature.

Reminiscing With These Old Photographs

My 4th birthday celebration photo with family
My bandaged hands

Looking at this photograph
is a reverie of the past long gone
More than four decades ago
an accident burnt my hands.

I may not remember anything
except for the stories repeatedly told
The scars that are still visible
remind me of the pain so unbearable.

KathNiel's Got to Believe at ang Tunay na Kwento

May isang sikat na Chichay
na ngayo'y bumibida
Komedyante rin
ang dating nya
pero sya ay may angking ganda
na mahilig managinip kahit
dilat ang mga mata.

Siya ay lumaki sa isang perya
Mama Bear ang turing
sa kanyang nanay
At Papa Bear naman ang tawag
sa kanyang tatay.
mahirap man ang buhay nila
"Never say die."
yan ang motto nya.

When Two Distant Hearts Become ONE

Dreaming for her
is a hard habit to break. 
She spent all her life 
dreaming with someone 
who will love her 
more than anything... 
who will always stay by her side 
and protect her 
from being harmed 
fight for her
when danger comes
comfort her 
when lonesome fills her heart... 
show her the way 
when she is lost
open his arms and offer
a warm embrace
hold her with much tenderness... 
 and bring her
to the world of ecstasy.

PLAGIARISM - A Perfect Copycat

Modern-day imitators are now everywhere
There are amateurs in the field
yet most are deemed professionals.

Deception can be of many form
Beware, be cautious and vigilant
Any works of art or masterpiece
can be stolen in just one click.

We live in a world where technology reigns
The more it becomes advanced, the more
we can access infinite information.