PLAGIARISM - A Perfect Copycat

Modern-day imitators are now everywhere
There are amateurs in the field
yet most are deemed professionals.

Deception can be of many form
Beware, be cautious and vigilant
Any works of art or masterpiece
can be stolen in just one click.

We live in a world where technology reigns
The more it becomes advanced, the more
we can access infinite information.

But how would anybody claims
credit of somebody else's creation
and make himself the owner
without any repercussion.

Whatever reasons lie behind this fraud
Whoever has done it or plan to do it
Either a simple person or high profile being.

Plagiarism is stealing another man's originality
The act itself is devious and unethical
How do we call those who engage in doing it...
Just remember a famous line in a movie:

"You're nothing but a second-rate
trying hard... COPYCAT!!"

-Image not mine-


  1. Bloggers should read this! Sometimes blogger just use words/phrases from who-knows-where and post in on their blog as if it was their own without giving credit to the author/source. Great post!

    Pauchee C.

  2. True that! Originality is a must, but if there's a need to copy that is seen on the internet, one needs to at least credit the owner or the one one made the post.


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