"You know how much

I love you and I know,

you love me too.

But this forbidden love

is bound to meet its end.

Stay with me for a while.

Let me hold you,

one last time.."

"Forbidden by Simplymarrimye"

"Forbidden by Simplymarrimye"

"Forbidden by Simplymarrimye"



"Sometimes, love is a

wordless conversation

that speaks with your heart,

not with your lips."

"Wordless by Simplymarrimye"


INNERMOST, The Dedication

To you who found solace in my world of words, be delighted to conquer my innermost where my heart’s undying whispers resonate in yours.

Love is immeasurable and so as its depth.

"INNERMOST, The Dedication by Simplymarrimye"


INNERMOST, The Epilogue


"Innermost, The Epilogue"

We live in a world where love is a kaleidoscope of emotions, touching the heart deeply, undoubtedly reaching its core. 

When love conquers the heart, there's a profound sense of belongingness, of mutual understanding guided by fate. A beautiful story of shared dreams and common goals fostering a shelter for intimacy of sacred union. 

But love is not always a bed of roses. Thorns may scatter beneath the sheets. It may end with a painful breakup or a loss, unimaginable with echoes of heartaches and silent tortures. Broken promises that painted the final chapters of a love that could have been forever. 

Finding love and losing it, encompass a myriad of realizations. Heart's undying whispers will linger, resonating through its innermost.

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INNERMOST, The Introduction


"Innermost by Simplymarrimye"

INNERMOST is a collection of love poems with two parts, FINDING LOVE and LOSING LOVE.

It’s based on personal accounts or a creation of imagination depicting how people experience love and loss. Some of which are excerpts from my decade-old journals. 

Every letter of every word comes straight from my heart, weaved by my thoughts, knitted to make sense, braided to create a masterpiece for your eyes to consume.

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"Heaven On Earth by Simplymarrimye"

"Loving you 

is paradise to me

but living with you

is heaven on earth."


"Here I am, waiting for someone 

like you who never lay an eye on me

not even once." 

"Not Even Once by Simplymarrimye"


"The sun is out to shine so vibrantly

proving that no storm plans 

to ever stay for good."

"Out to Shine by Simplymarrimye"