When Two Distant Hearts Become ONE

Dreaming for her
is a hard habit to break. 
She spent all her life 
dreaming with someone 
who will love her 
more than anything... 
who will always stay by her side 
and protect her 
from being harmed 
fight for her
when danger comes
comfort her 
when lonesome fills her heart... 
show her the way 
when she is lost
open his arms and offer
a warm embrace
hold her with much tenderness... 
 and bring her
to the world of ecstasy.

He was trembling inside.
He felt a rush 
of warm blood 
flowing into his every vein 
trying to find 
a way out of his system. 
His body was blazing in fury 
and his heart 
throbbed like a fighter 
without a foe. 
He could smell 
the fragrance of her beauty 
and the softness 
of her silky hair 
caressing his whole being. 
He closed his eyes 
and dug into his innermost.

Until these two strange people
crossed their paths

Looking at each other's eyes
triggered a wild imagination.
As the cool breeze
touched their skin...
they wandered
chasing fantasy
in its most endearing boundaries
Fate lead them
God showed the way
to be in each others arms
The distant yearning has finally ended
Now their hearts
beat as one.

-Images not mine-


  1. I have been there and it's a tough situation but with love and patience combine, it will always end up with a happy note.

    1. Having someone special in your heart is indeed magical. Two people, maybe of different age or race... of different religion or faith can be as ONE in the name of LOVE.

  2. Gosh! Superb one. Great lines and fantastic thought.

    1. Words like these coming from a poet like you, Papaleng... made me blush. Thanks :)

  3. Blessed are they who have found true love in each other. Finally, their own longings fulfilled! Bliss!

    1. "Got to believe in magic. Tell me how two people find each other... in a world that's full of strangers."

      Very true!

  4. the consummation of love -the greatest emotion ever created.

    1. ... and those who never learn to love are the ones with a heart of stone.

  5. What a beautiful poem about distant lovers. It is hard to have a long distance love affair and I experienced it before. As long as you communicate with each other, near or far, love always will linger :-)

    1. I'm glad to know that you like the poem. Indeed, distance is never a hindrance to any relationship for as long as the couple's bond is stronger than any temptation there is.

  6. I totally understand the situation and frustrations of long distance relationship. way too difficult but worth it, for both can actually see how honest and trustworthy their partner is for them and for the love.

    1. There are some long distance relationships that are being tested but if both parties desire to forgive and forget when one of them has faulted... why not give it another try.

  7. Indeed being in love is the most magical thing ever.

    1. You're right ms Anna and LOVE can make someone's world a bed of roses. :)

  8. Fate lead them and God showed the way! Hehehehee! That is called happiness!

    1. Being in love even distance is between two people... is a feeling of overflowing happiness and indescribable joy!!!

  9. I'm glad that when my husband got an opportunity abroad, he took me with him. I can't imagine a life apart from him.

    1. We share the same sentiments Ms Len. I don't know how my life will be without my husband at my side.

  10. Long distance relationship is not easy and I proved that it is the best thing I ever have once you overcome all the trials in a long distance relationship. Patience and understanding is important in every relationship.

    1. I agree with you, Ms Mhie and not to forget, it takes two to tango. if any one of them gives up... the other should fight for the love.


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