CHARICE - Although Glamour Has Gone, TRUE SELF Has Found

From CHARICE's photo archive
 Behind these looks is a mask

She's living her dreams
and reaching the farthest star
with all the fame and glory.

She's wandering in a world
full of glitters and gold
making her life... a story.

With the fancy dazzling limelight
and the deafening applause
there's a music, unheard.

A powerful gifted voice
was echoing... a melody that
no one has ever learned.

Until her journey through
 life is suddenly halted
And it's time to confront reality.

The mask should be removed
no more pretension nor hypocrisy
Now behold... her real identity.

Simplymarrimye's CHARICE: Although Glamour Has Gone, TRUE SELF Has Found
The true person is out in the open

Truth pains her but the freedom
comforts her being.
Cast the first stone to her, if you're not a sinner.

She may have lost the glow in
her eyes up the stage
but embracing the truth makes her feel happier.

She may be deserted...
by loved ones and family
but time will come and wounds will be healed.

She may not regain her popularity
nor redeem her old self
but being open is better than concealed.

The new 
may be a different person
in the eyes of many people but the
she is today...
is the same
with a powerful gifted voice
who won the hearts of the world.

Although glamour has gone...
her true self has found and that's what matters now.


  1. and I just admire her, she embraced what she believed she is ... showbiz talaga dramatic pa yung conffession :) dropping by sis, hope you can join my giveaway :)

  2. Love the Honesty and Courage!!! YES!

  3. Charice's coming out in the open has several implications because of her celebrity status. Now that the most difficult part is done and over with, maybe she can go on with her life as a singer since her beautiful voice is still there. I have nothing against her new look if that is the way she wants it but she should know that she can revert back to her previous look while still being true to her nature. I'm just thinking in the line of showbiz where she may need to play varying "roles" in her singing career which may not always fit with her present look. I dare not judge beyond that.

  4. I do agree with Ma'am Teresa showbiz-wise but I admire Charize's courage of coming out in the open.

  5. I don't really have a problem whether a person is a lesbian or gay and I really admire Charice for her courage to go out in the open. I still love her voice though I don't like her look but that's the way she expresses herself, so I respect it! FTW Charice!:)

  6. Nice poem in the first place. I hate to say this.. but rumors of her gender filled Pinoy showbiz community months pa before she makde a public admission na "tomboy ako". Best siguro na noon pa nya inamin. Nevertheless, she is a courageous lady.

  7. I do admire her for being true and embracing her true self. Charice is now Charlie! :D

  8. Oh grabe talaga, a lot of people were really surprised but anyway at least she is out in the open.

  9. such a lovely poem, hope she can read this poem! :) I admired her for coming out, its not easy for her being in showbiz but great now is that she can be herself anytime, anyday, anywhere! I wish her the best.

  10. I am a fan of Charice :-) I still play her CD when I am driving my car :-) It does not matter who she is really are what matter most is her voice and her true colors :-)

  11. I don't like her neither do I hate her. Whatever she has chosen, I am happy for her :) May she find happiness!


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