Napoles and the Pork Barrel

Simplymarrimye's Napoles and the Pork Barrel

"I don't know what PORK BARREL is."
A woman - innocent
until proven guilty, said.
Ten billion is a lot of money
to make anybody so rich instantly.

Flaunting your wealth 
is a big deal 
even it's earned through legal means
Sharing photos with 
lavish lifestyle is one careless move
 an exhibit of obvious evidence.

Who else are hiding inside the barrel?
politicians are included
 in the list.
Who is the mastermind
and the benefactors?
They know who they are
But NOBODY will dare confess... 
Surely, they are well-armed
with stable defense.

Is this another issue
that's been the talk of the town?
Everybody is curious
just for the moment...
People will slowly forget everything 
until the controversy cools down 
just like what other cases 
that ended up
in the cold files.

When will Filipinos learn their lessons?
Maybe never... I guess so
History keeps repeating itself
Are we heading to the straight direction?
If only I have a magic wand...
I will point it to the government
and take off its mask
that will reveal those few good men.

Janet Lim-Napoles is undoubtedly opulent
with all the power she has
 of money and influence.
She can be absolved with the charges against her
but may not regain dignity
along with her family.
Justice is for human to defend
but GOD's verdict will never be bent.


  1. i hope she gets caught and yet for some reason i don't think she will get caught. she was issued a warrant for kidnapping and yet not for her real crimes.she ruined it for the NGO's

    1. Guilty or not... the decision depends on how JUSTICE is served in the Philippines. Nobody is above the law except those who can BUY it. This is indeed a SAD reality, Ms Leira.

  2. "When will Filipinos learn their lessons?
    Maybe never... I guess so
    History keeps repeating itself
    Are we heading to the straight direction?" - i kept asking myself this. or should i stop asking because we never learn -we've always fallen for the trap of those politicians we brought to the highest positions.

    1. I think, there's no way for Philippine politics to ever change because majority of these supposedly, PUBLIC SERVANTS are being blinded by POWER and MONEY. Only few GOOD MEN are deserving of public trust.

    2. In my honest opinion, its not just Napoles, the pork barrel, and the government... it's the system as a whole and its a very deep rooted problem of the Philippines. The government is just a machinery that serves to those who come in power.

      Its very odd for someone to run in higher position in government, spend too much money during his election campaigns, and propagate that he runs for the benefit of the people and for "public service". This is the same old scenario during election period.

      The pork barrel issue will soon fade away when another one pops up (just like what happened to PGMA during her fertilizer scam and ZTE issue) and it goes like a cycle. Too bad, most Filipinos are apathetic about these issues so they prefer to leave it as it was.

  3. The sad truth that JLN is still at large and the authorities are just yet to start the investigation on this pork barrel scam makes the Filipino cry for more on justice and answers/explanation. I just hope that the Million People March at Luneta on Aug. 26 will be a start as an eye opener for Pinoys that each and everyone has the responsibility to fight for what is right for the people and the country.

  4. i really wish that she will end up inside the jail. i worked for my taxed and i hate the part where she ended up splurging and shopping.

  5. I cringe in anger whenever the pork barrel scam comes into my mind. Ugh, those luxury cars and expensive fashion finds they bought using the people's money.

  6. Napoles deserves to be on jail. I hope Justice acts on the warning to those politicians who are also involve in this scam.

  7. Wow, great poem.
    Nowadays, my husband and I do not talk/discuss about news from the Philippines. It is so disgusting and frustrating. It seem s as if Philippine politics is doomed. But of course there is always a part in our hearts that hope for a better Philippines. After all, you can only be first class citizens in your own country.


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