The PLATINUM That's Never Been More Precious Than Gold

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For almost fifteen years
 I chose to serve a company 
that I thought would give me the "best" in life 
but the best never came 
and I was left with no other choice 
but to leave the job 
I have learned to love.

I was hopeful that things would get better 
but the company's vision 
to regain stability was a failure. 
Time took its course. 

"What is meant to happen... So it shall be done."

To alleviate the burden of insolvency, 
rehabilitation was the last resort.
A corporation that used to be on top
now became a history...
A bad nightmare to plan holders
and worst stigma to employees.

Gone are the days 
of blissful operations. 
The grand parties and celebrations.
Now only memories 
are left to live with
Where have all the investments gone?
There's nothing 
left but empty pockets.

No more odds, no more glory
No more dreams coming true.
May tomorrow bring a sparkling day
for all the victims... rich or poor
All the blood money
were wasted and benefits
were not enjoyed
What else should be done
 forgive and forget?

This industry is now dead
and it has left many people hanging
Now the question is...
Where to get the rightful claims
if the court decided to terminate
the rehabilitation
and placed
the company under liquidation?

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