Her Curly Hair Makes Her Prettier

Simplymarrimye - Making her hair curlier

We dotingly call her Aya
her eyes are chinita
and her hair has natural perm.
She always wants it longer
Effort and time are essentials
to get these perfect curls.

Having this type of strands
somehow makes this 
young lady wander...
How she wish to have 
a healthy silky
black straight hair.

But salon stylists told her
that many girls want
this texture and length
Some teens would even desire
to have their hair 
done like it.

I remember when I was in her age
My hair was long yet not frizzy 
but my mother would
have my bangs permed
to make it full and wavy.

Taken sometime in 1988 when I used to be a working student
Taken sometime in 1988 when I used to be a working student


  1. she looks so pretty.. i love her smile and i love the poem too

    1. Thanks Ms Leira. She truly is beautiful even without make up on. :)

  2. This post is so sweet. Yes, I also agree- she's very pretty with those natural curls:)
    JeniG of Kalikotpepot


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