Meeting The Letter Writer for the First Time

My Debutante meets The Letter Writer
My Debutante meets The Letter Writer

It's my honor and pride to meet her in person
I only know her by name
and we happen to have the same.

It's my honor and pride to have her as my guest
and read my open letter 
for my debutante daughter.

It's my honor and pride to be a new found friend
to a woman of substance
a mother of great significance.

It's my honor and pride to share a momentous night
even for a brief yet remarkable encounter.


  1. It has been my pleasure and honor as well to have been part of your debutante-daughter's special day. Thank you very much for inviting me as the Letter Writer and as a friend.

    1. What more can I say? A million thanks to you Ms Tere! I look forward to seeing you again :)


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