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My passion for writing has brought me to the world of blogging. The world that I never expected to be broader and limitless.

I can honestly say that my enthusiasm is like a roller-coaster ride... sometimes high and there are times that I felt too preoccupied with the tasks accumulating in my hands so, I can hardly contemplate with a unique topic that my readers will undeniably like and enjoy.

When I resigned from work more than 4 years ago, I was inspired to reclaim my hidden talent in writing since the corporate world seemed so unwelcoming and aloof. I might as well, get my ideas alive and my thoughts awake. Instead of taking a pen and paper like I used to... I begun to explore the 3 Ws and from there, I met BLOGGER and we became friends up to this time.  Then MYE DOMAIN was born and the rest is history.

So, what's the BIG DEAL here?  Well, I already purchased my own domain yesterday 13 December 2012 and this is my very first entry in SIMPLYMARRIMYE.

SIMPLY... because I am a simple person with simple dreams. Being with my family is the best and most rewarding commitment. They're the wind beneath my wings. With their presence, I truly enjoy every detail in life. 

MARRI... obviously, it's how they fondly call me. When I was a little younger,  my nickname was spelled as MARIE but I believe that it's more of a popular biscuit name so I decided to drop the "E" at the end and double the "R"... That's more like it.

MYE... When I met my husband, I thought calling him darling, honey or babe was too stereotyped. But I had to think of an original term of endearment for us and so MYE and PYE were born.

This site will truly define who I am... what I want to be and how I will make this journey worth traveling.

"Sometimes what you aspire is just in your hand... Don't look far because it's within your reach. It's never too late to discover and unravel its hidden grace."
by simplymarrimye


  1. I love your blog, Ate Marri! I feel inspired just reading all of your other featured personalities. Ü

    1. Thanks for the compliments Mylene... Your thoughts truly matter to me.

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