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The Story Behind SIMPLYMARRIMYE...

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My passion for writing has brought me to the world of blogging. The world that I never expected to be broader and limitless.

I can honestly say that my enthusiasm is like a roller-coaster ride... sometimes high and there are times that I felt too preoccupied with the tasks accumulating in my hands so, I can hardly contemplate with a unique topic that my readers will undeniably like and enjoy.

When I resigned from work more than 4 years ago, I was inspired to reclaim my hidden talent in writing since the corporate world seemed so unwelcoming and aloof. I might as well, get my ideas alive and my thoughts awake. Instead of taking a pen and paper like I used to... I begun to explore the 3 Ws and from there, I met BLOGGER and we became friends up to this time.  Then MYE DOMAIN was born and the rest is history.