Miles Away

Miles away from you

The future is promising
And blessings are abundant
Working hard to provide
Even it means being away... miles away from home.

There are moments of joy
We're not able to share
There are moments of worries
With no shoulder to cry on.

There are times of sickness
I feel not your warmth
But I have to be strong
for our kids and their future.

I wish you were here when nights are cold
Thinking of you always, missing you like crazy
 To be alone in bed
That's a sacrifice indeed
Just feel my embrace
I'll be holding you from afar
never dream for a hug
other than my caress.
Remember me on those
longing moments
With my words less spoken
But  my heart cries out loud.

1 comment:

  1. This is basically how I feel right now. I'm just going through the motion day by day. Hope is the only thing that is keeping me sane. But as time goes by... hope for me is also fading away.... :(


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