Being The Eldest of Four

Simplymarrimye - Being the eldest of four
From left to right - DL, Mommy, Daddy, Malu, Mahlen, ME and Kiko

Filipino families are known to be
With a father, working hard for the money
a mother, keeping the home
 a shelter of harmony
and the children, burning eyebrows
to get a degree..

Typical and basic as it is...
I came from an environment with
humble beginnings.
A product of early marriage... the firstborn
and the eldest of four
was raised by a couple who
struggled, lived and survived the
difficulties of life.

I've witnessed every turn of events
every downfall and triumph
Sacrifices had overtaken by pride of
perseverance and courage.
The fruits of our labor had shone through
Wealth is not our shield
but the richness of
wisdom and virtue
we have gained through the years.

Being the eldest of four
is never a call of duty
but more of a stature of good example
The responsibilities that go with the title
are immeasurable
they can be complicated... boundless
or can be heavy or light
domesticated or simple

I proudly took it
from the day I was born
As our family grows bigger
our ties get stronger
Like most Filipinos all over the world
being the eldest of four,
I share the same goal
of keeping my family intact
with love, respect, faith and trust.
May peace and happiness reign in every home
no matter where, no matter when
no matter what.

Simplymarrimye - My happy family
My Happy Family

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