Reminiscing With These Old Photographs

My 4th birthday celebration photo with family
My bandaged hands

Looking at this photograph
is a reverie of the past long gone
More than four decades ago
an accident burnt my hands.

I may not remember anything
except for the stories repeatedly told
The scars that are still visible
remind me of the pain so unbearable.

It was a memorable 13th of May,
exactly my cousin's natal day
I fell into a pit full of charred sawdust
My hands and knees were scorched like trash.

Thank God for that man who
bravely got me out of that burning coal
He saved me from such tragedy
that almost end my journey.

Looking at this photograph
is a reverie of the past that will never be forgotten
I may no longer regain this beautiful pair of hands
But God is so good to grant my life another chance.

My photograph when I was one year old
With my beautiful pair of hands

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