Retrospect by simplymarrimye

The beauty of life may come in handy
Morning brings new hope and fresh starts
As we open our eyes... we gaze upon sunrise
As we sleep at night... we glance at moonlight.

Look around... a brief smile may capture your soul
A vivid retrospect flashes back from a distance
Leaving a shadow of someone in your past
An awakening of the mind... made you deaf and blind.

Light is what you see when darkness subsides
Now you can seek whatever  had been lost
Let the wounds be healed by the passing of time
It's your turn to restore, recharge and regain to finally relieve the pain.

The Bridge Of Life

The Bridge Of Life by Simplymarrimye

The bridge of life may be strong or weak
It may be high but never too low
It may be long but never too short
We start in one reach the other side.

It is a journey to a destination
We keep going without obstacles
We may halt, if something hinders.
It needs support to carry the weight of heavy loads.

The bridge of life may collapse or fall
When its foundation is shaky and unstable
It may break apart and leave us hanging
With nothing to hold... but only faith to lead the way.

"We'll cross the bridge when we get there."
Whatever kind of bridge we have in our life
If we remain firm and determined...
No bridge is long or weak enough to make us stumble down.

I'm in Cloud 9

I'm in cloud 9 by simplymarrimye
The reasons why I'm in cloud 9

Beyond happiness is what you feel
when you're in cloud 9
It's like you're floating on air
and you wish to stay there forever

Living a life in comfort and wealth
brings an extreme euphoria
but  a castle is an empty place
without a loving king and queen to embrace

Life is Colorful

Life is Colorful by simplymarrimye

My youngest son made this canvass
If you will just look at it,
different colored lines are entangled
Like LIFE, 
it's simple yet complicated.
We live in a world 
where black is black and white is white.
It's how we see the color of life… 
our own life.
Sometimes, it’s blue…
We are sad and regretful
There are times, 
we’re in flaming red…
We feel passionate and aggressive
We always hope 
for greener pasture
Abundance in any aspect
But life will never be constant.
Change is inevitable 
and time is moving fast-forward.
If we are slow, we'll be left behind.
The colors may change
but how we spend every moment of life
is what truly matters.
The choice is ours...
It's how we paint our own canvass

Broken Vow

Expectation comes with love
Whether we admit it or not we tend to hope for things to happen

Broken vow by simplymarrimye

You promised me a bed of roses
but thorns are scattered beneath our sheets.

You promised me the stars in the sky
but I always see them every time you punch my face.

You promised that you'll never leave me
but now, I'm alone and miserable.

You promised me love everlasting
but you broke my heart and crushed it into pieces.

Your every promise is a broken vow
that never should I believed at all.


Forgiveness by simplymarrimye

Indeed, to forgive is hard
and sometimes we cannot give it overnight.

Some people may need more time...
more courage to heal the wounds of the past.

It's a decision to make...
a choice that will set us free from the chains of hate and anger.

"Mga Hari ng Sablay"

"Nasaan ba ang Matuwid na Daan?" by simplymarrimye

"Ano na naman itong pinagpipyestahan
ng madlang pipol sa internet at pahayagan?
Binubusisi ang pera't ari-arian
ng isa namang opisyal ng pamahalaan."

"Bakit di mailabas ang tunay na halaga
ng yamang tila pinagdududahan?
Di na sila natuto sa mga nakaraang kahihiyan.
Ilan pa ba talaga, ang makabagong kawatan?"

"Sila,.. na dapat ang nagsisilbing ehemplo
at sandigan ng sambayanan
Sila... na dapat gumagabay at sumusubaybay..
ay sila pala itong... mga HARI NG SABLAY."

"Nasaan na nga ba ang matuwid na daan?
Patungo ba sa kaliwa na baku-bakong ituran
o papunta sa kanan para sa maayos, matapat
 at maginhawang kinabukasan?"

"Kasabihan, NOON at NGAYON Part 2"

"Kasabihan, NOON at NGAYON Part 2" by simplymarrimye

"Kung dati, kailangan nating tumanaw ng utang na loob
sa mga taong gumawa ng kabutihan sa atin."

Pero sa panahon ngayon, maraming kalalakihan 
gumagawa lang ng maganda kung SEXY ang kaharap nya."

"Kasabihan, NOON at NGAYON"

"Kasabihan, NOON at NGAYON" by simplymarrimye

"Kung dati, masugid munang manliligaw 
ang binata sa dalagang naiibigan.
Pero sa panahon ngayon, text lang at chat
ang katapat.. sila na agad."

"Kung dati, kasal muna bago magsiping
ang dalawang pusong nagmamahalan.
Pero sa panahon ngayon, may SCANDAL pang kumakalat.. 
kahihiyang sino ang may kagagawan?"

GOD's Intervention

Failures may come any time
and hit us out of nowhere.
They may defeat us
and put our lives in shame.

They may blow our mind
and eat up our sanity.
They may bring us frustrations
and leave us in total despair.

Hurting Words

hurting words by simplymarrimye

Words can be so cruel
that can break a lover's heart.

They can be so sharp
than can cut through one's soul.

They can be so hateful
that can never be forgotten.

Better to Let it Go

better to let it go by simplymarrimye

Love needs to be flourished
not be wasted away.
Respect and trust make it blossom
every single day.

Love is not selfish nor wicked 
never egoistic and narrow
Any relationship will fail...
then parting ways will follow.

"Punctuation Marks ni Misis"

Photo not mine

Kapag ginagabi na ng uwi  si honey...
(question mark)
"Bakit ngayon ka lang?"

Kapag inuumaga na siya ng pagdating...
(exclamation point na patanong)
"Saan ka galing !!!"


Control-Alt-Delete by Simplymarrimye

May mga taong sadyang manhid
Hindi man lang marunong makiramdam.
Sadyang dedma lang at walang pakialam.

Sa mga nilalang na may pusong-bato,
ano nga ba ang dapat sintensya?
Eh di... i-unfriend o unfollow mo na lang sila.

"A Happy Wife"

Simplymarrimye's A Happy Wife

No richness can make a woman joyful
unless she prefers money over love.

No luxury is ever worthy
unless she prefers sparkling gems over warm hugs.

No extravagance can keep her domestic
unless she prefers a mansion over a sweet home.

A happy wife is a woman who has
nothing more valuable than a man who knows her innermost.