Flower Power

Red, yellow and white... blossom so bright
Red, yellow and white... blossom so bright

Flower symbolizes beauty
A bloom that captivates the eye
Its redness means passion
A desire to cuddle the warmth
of love in the air.

Flower may change a sudden mood
from a very long face
 to a grin from ear-to-ear.
It can make or break a flaming affair
and dry up until the wind
blows it away.

Flower means memories
that can be cherished for a lifetime.
An abundance of joy to ones heart
or an offer of sympathy
a symbol of democracy
that brings friendship, commitment and hospitality.

Flower is power
it can take you to a world with infinite charm
an indication of excitement and anticipation
Purity and simplicity
Bold, vulgar and dynamic.
Its softness defines its strength
Its color refreshes ones mind.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Ms Tara! Women are like flowers... more beautiful up close.

  2. Such a creation to behold,
    There is a God, I've been told;
    Flowers remind me of His greatness,
    His love, care, and awesomeness.

    c5 @ ceefive.com

    1. Yeah! Flower is GOD's creation that makes the world a paradise.


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