ME and My Daughter

Simplymarrimye - My Daughter and ME
My Daughter and ME

Our age difference is 27 years.
I admit, 
she's more beautiful than me.
We have disagreements sometimes 
but we know where we stand.
I am still her mother...
 and she is my child.

I can hardly see myself 
in her when I was young
though I am the eldest 
in my family as well.
She's a young lady of this
digital age
while I'm about to turn my 
golden page

I am neither lenient nor strict
and may not be the best 
she can have
but I always do my best 
to be a 
mother than anybody else.


  1. Nothing beats the original! You both rock! Lovely masterpiece right here again! :-)

    1. Wow! I like what you said... "nothing beats the original" but I still believe my daughter is much more beautiful, Ms Lainy. What's important is, she came from me. :)


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