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ME and My Daughter

Simplymarrimye - My Daughter and ME
My Daughter and ME

Our age difference is 27 years.
I admit, 
she's more beautiful than me.
We have disagreements sometimes 
but we know where we stand.
I am still her mother...
 and she is my child.

I can hardly see myself 
in her when I was young
though I am the eldest 
in my family as well.
She's a young lady of this
digital age
while I'm about to turn my 
golden page

Harlem Shake... Invaded the House

video editor-kurt dariel

JOINING ME in this journey is,..

- Barely 3 years old in this photo, now a teen-ager is the video editor of this version of Harlem Shake. A second year high school student in La Immaculada Concepcion School who is fond of meme and a regular reader of the trending 9gag. He's a natural joker, easy-go-lucky and very playful. He loves to watch magic shows on TV like that of Criss AngelDavid Blaine and the Masked Magician.

He can swim... but he's no Michael Phelps. He plays the guitar... and his wildest dream is to be like the famous Sungha Jung. Kurt loves to play basketball... and the famous Kobe is his great idol.