A KNOCK at my Door

Memories of yesterday 
seem only a dream
A reverie of my heart's cherished desires
Countless moments are long forgotten
and only a handful 
has etched deeply...
eternally into my soul.

It was a continuous struggle
to find my life's missing piece.
But an unforgettable 
knock at the door
finally opened my

Now, I'm living without my dreams of my
Yet with the realities of 

I conquered the heart of a man
whom I bestowed my 
whole being.
The man who gave my three precious jewels
The man I greatly love
and the man whom I promised

My husband, years before I met him
My husband, years before I met him

Tomorrow marks his birthday... He was born because he's meant to meet me. He was born because he's bound to be my husband. He was born because he's destined to be the father of my children. He was born because we are fated to share LOVE for LIFE.

Happy Birthday to the one I dearly love.

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