Unexpected GIFT from GOD

Ultrasound result dated nov. 14, 2008
Ultrasound result dated Nov. 14, 2008

I want to share with you my story... quite an ordeal but a rewarding experience. It was a great relief when I saw my third child for the first time.

My first ultrasound done dated November 14, 2008 wasn't a good news yet so I have to undergo another TVS. Fortunately, the result showed a live fetus with good cardiac activity.

This was a clear confirmation that I was pregnant. There was no blighted ovum and it took away our worries. My husband and I left the ultrasound clinic around lunch time and we headed to my OB-Gyne for a check up. She gave me some first trimester medications like Folic acidDuphaston and Isoxilan to prevent me from pre-mature labor because there's a subchorionic hemorrhage seen inside my uterus. She also adviced me to have a complete bed rest.

Although my blood pressure was normal during the nine-month term, I had suffered health problems like:
Shingles on my skin
Shingles on my skin

  • Shingles or Herpes Zoster - this is a disease caused by Varicella Virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox. It appears to be a painful and irritating rash on one side of the body like what happen to me during my 16th week of pregnancy.

    It started when I noticed my skin under my breast was like feeling sensitive when touched. After a day or two, blisters were beginning to show up and I started to be uncomfortable with those tiny eruptions. I was so bothered about it so, I had to see my doctor immediately. I also consulted a dermatologist and according to her, the virus was dormant in the spinal nerve roots.

    After several years being stored, it will appear again in the form of Shingles. Because I was pregnant then, my immune system became weak so the virus reactivated. No medications had been prescribed to ease up my discomfort except Vitamin B complex.

    I just washed them with the juice extract from boiled guava leaves and it really helped in the healing process. The infection lasted for three weeks. No noticeable marks were left in my skin but recalling the pain is unbearable.

The illness was such an alarm but my husband and I were relieved when the doctor said that there's no scientific evidence to suggest that it will have adverse effects on my unborn baby.

My belly was eight months old
My belly was eight months old
  • Fever and Chills - On my 26th week, I woke up one midnight feeling so cold and my whole body was shaking. I immediately called my husband's attention and he hurriedly covered me with his blanket. The chilling was an indication that I have high fever with a temperature of 39.8 °C.

    That caused another panic. I lost my appetite but I have to eat to nourish the baby inside me. I prayed that nothing would harm my unborn child... not a high fever or any viral infection. I was so scared. I cried a lot but my husband was always around to pacify and assure me that nothing bad will happen to our baby. God was so good that I have overcome that dilemma. I got well after four days.

  • Severe Dermatitis Skin asthma is an allergy that runs in our family aside from lung asthma. I've been in agony since my teenage days with Atopic Dermatitis. It's in my blood and I will suffer this birthright for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I've experienced the worst of this disease during my 34th week. My face was swollen and my neck was extremely red and itchy. I used cold compress on the affected area to alleviate the soreness since I couldn't apply any steroidal cream because I was pregnant.

    I felt restless, hopeless and apprehensive. What more should I bear until I safely deliver my baby? I started to have some unpleasant thoughts. I couldn't wait to see my third child. I prayed hard and just trust in Him.

    I was rushed to The Medical City, one Sunday evening because I could no longer stand the discomfort and stress. There's no available dermatologist that time so, my husband and I just went home. I should wait until tomorrow for a specialist to check on my condition. I was examined and given some instructions to follow.

    My whole body needed to be moisturized. Oatmeal oil, otmeal soap and oatmeal lotion, clobetasol ointment and cream were some of the products already available for sale courtesy of the Derma Skin Clinic. I was relieved and the treatment was effective. Thank GOD!!!

I was able to surpass these awful situations with the great help and support of my family. These horrible events in my life made me a stronger person. Prayers are my weapon to defeat the circumstances I faced. I just cried out my pains to the one and only GOD.

My last pregnancy was an unexpected gift. I've never wished to have another baby but HE blessed me with another son.

Today is his 4th birthday, June 20, 2013 and I'm just grateful up to this moment that nothing bad happened to him when he was inside my womb. I knew then as I know now, that Kiko is truly GODsend.

Kiko's 4th birthday cake
Kiko's 4th birthday cake


  1. Happy birthday young man! Your tough pregnancy is all worth it!

    1. Thank you very much, Ms Chubskulit Rose! His presence makes our family much more complete even thought he's so MAKULIT!!!

  2. Hindi madali ang dinaanan mo... I also have skin asthma and atopic dermatitis. At least I know what to expect in the future if I start my own family.

    1. Skin Asthma is my partner for life and it only got worst during my last pregnancy. Until now, I have it though not severe. I have maintenance lotion and Clobetasol ointment. STRESS is the main trigger factor... so with KIKO around, my dermatitis will stay for good as well. LOL!!!


Your thoughts, ideas, opinions and suggestions about my post are highly appreciated. My deepest and warmest greetings to you. GOD bless always!