Sacrifice Your Own Happiness

Letting go of something beautiful is never easy. It can be life-changing. More so, letting go of love is too hurtful that you either bear with the pain and start moving forward or bring your world to a halt and put yourself in the dark forever.

Relationships end for a million reasons. There's no shortcut in mending a broken heart. You grieve. You mourn with the love lost along with the good and bad memories. You crave for logical answers as to... What went wrong? Why do you have to part ways? Who made the damn mistake?

If the person you love finds warmth in other's arms, set him/her free. Choosing his/her happiness over yours is sacrifice. Your heart may be broken but your being will be saved. 

Healing is a long and exhausting process and acceptance is the first step. If you acknowledge the reality that some things are not meant to happen the way you want it then, it's easier for you to move on.

Sacrifice your own happiness by Simplymarrimye "

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