Dream and Reality

dream and reality by simplymarrimye

When we close our eyes to sleep
our mind can travel
through time and space.

Dreams may take us to a place of wonder
a moment of great pleasure
can be vague or vivid.

But once we open our eyes to consciousness
our fantasies leave our senses
and true life starts to surface.

A dream may come to reality
but reality may never become a dream.

"Ikaw Aking TOTO"

Simplymarrimye - "Ikaw Aking TOTO"

"Hindi mo man batid ang tunay na kahulugan ng kaarawan,
Hindi mo man masabi kung anu ang iyong nararamdaman.
Ngayong araw ng iyong kapanganakan,
Pagmamahal namin ang tanging maibibigay.

Sa labing isang taon na Ikaw ay kapiling,
Saya at lambing ang iyong pinaramdam.
Sa bawat yakap at halik mo sa amin,
Ramdam ang init ng iyong pagmamahal.

Kaya ngayong kaarawan mo,
Tangi kong maipapangako,
Hangang sa huling hininga ko
Gagabayan kita... Ikaw aking TOTO."

Poem by: Mama Malen

Eleven years ago, Clarence Jhoize was brought to life. It was the day when his parents felt the overwhelming joy of having a son of their own. He completes the Magos family with his two older sisters. He's a normal child at birth... He would cry when he's hungry or if it's time for a diaper change... But as he turned a month older until he reached his third, something was not right. He could hardly hold his head up, make no vowel noises and could not turn his head round to sound. He's not progressing at the same rate as a normal child his age.

Such signs of developmental delay brought distress to the family. He underwent some series of tests and he's diagnosed to have been suffering from "Global Developmental Delay" or is defined as any significant lag in any child's physical, cognitive, behavioral, emotional or social development as compared to normal ranges. He has "seizure disorder" that greatly affect the development of his brain cells. He's being treated and monitored by a specialist in a regular basis and because of this condition, his Mama Malen was compelled to give up her job to focus on him and Papa Charlie should work double-time as a ship's crew in order to sustain his needs and provide appropriate attention.

My sister Malen calls him TOTO and this poem was specially made  for a child equally special like him.