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Explore and Be Free... A Traveler's Perspective of LIFE

JOINING ME in this journey is,.. MAI FLORES - A freelance content writer who has an overwhelming desire to collect Starbucks Global Icon mugs from different countries, from which she already visited South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and of course Cebu and Manila (amongst other Philippine destinations that she’s been to). Mai's mug collection ( Source ) An alumna of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Mai graduated with a degree in BS Clothing Technology. She is single by civil status but happily in a relationship with her BEAU (as she romantically calls him). Her strength springs from knowing that she has a loving family, and of caring and honest friends. Their love and support is what keeps her going.

Living LIFE's Difficulties

JOINING ME in this journey is,.. ALFONSO YLAG - Witty and funny according to himself, but actually he is a real jerk sometimes especially when he's with close friends. Alfie or also known as PINGGOT, is currently residing in Rego Park, New York and working in Best Western . He came from a failed marriage but is blessed with two sons and a daughter. Being the father who should provide, he's constrained to stay in the US for a job opportunity. He is single but not available... saving his love for that someone whom  he considered LOVE of his life. Quite complicated relationship... nevertheless, hopeful that GOD will hear his heart's desire for a lifetime partner. Being alone, away from his loved ones is the saddest part of his journey through life and trying to earn decent income to support and provide his children the best education is the main reason why he had to work overseas. He wants to have financial stability.

A Message of Gratittude Coming Straight From A Mother's Heart

JOINING ME in this journey is, ARLENE E. ANCHETA - A mother to three beautiful daughters, a devoted wife to her beloved husband, a business woman, an accommodating sister, a loving daughter, an amiable and strong-minded person. She preferred to have own business than working corporately to personally attend to her kids' daily concerns and being a hands-on mom, she assures that her children are well provided and protected. Her main priority is their education and health. Two of her children have been diagnosed to suffer developmental delay. Her youngest is now undergoing therapy sessions and her second child is able to attend regular school despite the condition. She is very thankful for bringing her child to Woodstock Learning Center , an educational institution where the primary mission is to highlight its student's full potential regardless of any special need like that of her daughter.

Harlem Shake... Invaded the House

JOINING ME in this journey is,.. KURT DARIEL D. BERMUDEZ - Barely 3 years old in this photo, now a teen-ager is the video editor of this version of Harlem Shake. A second year high school student in La Immaculada Concepcion Schoo l who is fond of meme  and a regular reader of the trending 9gag . He's a natural joker, easy-go-lucky and very playful. He loves to watch magic shows on TV like that of Criss Angel ,  David Blaine  and the Masked Magician . He can swim... but he's no  Michael Phelps . He plays the guitar... and his wildest dream is to be like the famous  Sungha Jung . Kurt loves to play basketball... and the famous  Kobe  is his great idol.


JOINING ME in this journey is... DANLOURD A. DE ASIS - The author of this poem written in Filipino language, is an eligible bachelor with a stable career in AIG Shared Services as a Systems Analyst. DL, as fondly called is a music enthusiast with a gifted vocal chords according to some fanatics (these include his close friends and family, LOL!) and loves bar-hopping, backpacking (in and out of the country), going to the Gym and sweating out (aiming for an impressive ABS), taking snapshots (has an eye for photography), a bit hopeless romantic and has a talent for writing poetry deeper than depth like this one: Totoo, Lahat ng simula'y may katapusan Kadalasan, hindi 'happy ending' Ngunit walang lugar ang pagsisisi Sa kwento ng tunay na nagmamahal Sapagkat, Sa iyo ko natutunang umibig Pag-ibig na kayang tumanggap Pag-ibig na hindi makasarili Pag-ibig na nagbibibigay Sa iyo ko rin naranasang ibigin Taliwas man sa nakasanayan,