Up Close and Personal

Simplymarrimye's Fishes, up close and personal
Fishes, up close and personal

This isn't under the sea
nor under the vast ocean deep
A huge tank that resembles their
natural habitat.

They seem to enjoy it
They seem to be happy
Maybe, they have
another mission... a role other than
being aquatic organisms.

A purpose that should be achieved.
To offer their beauty
within reach
To share their uniqueness
and be appreciated

To leave the human eyes
in bewilderment and awe
These creatures in the abyss
swim, glide, crawl, flap, twirl
spin, wobble and sway.

Gazing upon this glass full of
water and seaweeds from the deep
Staring at them
 inside that man-made shelter
serve the very purpose of their capture
for rational being to take a
glimpse up close.


  1. I am sure kids will like watching the fished in that aquarium. They seemed to be curious about fish.

    1. That's very true, Ms Jem. My toddler is always thrilled to see different kinds of aquatic animals aside from fishes.


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