Shine Bright Like a DIAMOND

Simplymarrimye's Shine Bright Like a DIAMOND
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How hard is a diamond?
Is it like a rock in a volcano's core
or a difficult dilemma 
you are facing now?

How would you compare it
with the kindness
of a human heart?
Shining bright like a diamond?
Invaluable gesture...
priceless humility.

There are million things
in the world that money can buy. 
But even the wealthiest living man
who can afford the most expensive diamond
can only live once.

He can possess the most
precious gem... like a diamond
the hardest stone ever discovered
but nothing can beat a relationship
that is bound to stand
the tests of time.



It's evidence lies in their sparkling
gray hair.

A LOVE that is shared unconditionally
is a love that's more precious
than any gem in the world.

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