"Song Cover: Walang Hanggang Paalam By DANLOURD"

A Joey Ayala Original
Song Cover By Danlourd De Asis

Di ba tayo'y narito
Upang maging malaya
At upang palayain ang iba
Ako'y walang hinihiling
Ika'y tila ganoon din
Sadya'y palayain ang isa't-isa

Ang pagibig natin ay
Walang hanggang paalam
At habang magkalayo
Papalapit pa rin ang puso
Kahit na magkahiwalay
Tayo'y magkasama
Sa magkabilang dulo ng mundo

Ang bawat simula ay
Siya ring katapusan
May patutunguhan ba
Ang ating pagsinta
Sa biglang tingin
Kita'y walang kinabukasan
Subalit di-malupig ang pag-asa

Ang pagibig natin ay
Walang hanggang paalam
At habang magkalayo
Papalapit pa rin ang puso
Kahit na magkahiwalay
Tayo'y magkasama
Sa magkabilang dulo ng mundo

Ang pagibig natin ay
Walang hanggang paalam
At habang magkalayo
Papalapit pa rin ang puso
Kahit na magkahiwalay
Tayo'y magkasama
Sa magkabilang dulo ng mundo
Sa magkabilang dulo ng mundo oh

KIKO, At Five Years Old

June 19, 2014

Five years back, I glanced at this cute chubby face for the very first time. From day one up to this writing, he never fails to amuse me... the way he thinks and speaks out his thoughts, the way he moves and reacts to situations. He has this prominent character that makes our lives more interesting and tiresome at the same time.

"Newly born KIKO"
Newly born KIKO

I was bound to be a mother for the last time with him and I will surely miss being pregnant and feel the first trimester hang-ups. Having three wonderful kids is a treasure itself. Being a mother is priceless.

Looking for a nanny is no longer relevant. I can't imagine anybody taking care of him other than myself. It's not that he's so dependent on me as normal kids do with their moms but, I guess I'm the one who is dependent on him.

A few weeks ago, he thought of sleeping with his Kuya KD. For the first time, he's out of our bed. My husband and I were unable to sleep soundly. Maybe, we are not used to be separated from Kiko at night. It seems that I am not ready for it, yet. I need more time to prepare myself for that kind of adjustment.

The 2-night trial ended when Kiko suddenly felt an ache in his mouth and he had to wake up in the middle of the night, knocked at our room's door just to tell me that he's not feeling well. That's when he got back to our bed and slept with us again. He needed me... he still longs for a mother's touch, my TLC.

Tomorrow is Kiko's 5th birthday. I'm still his 24/7 hands-on mom attending to his daily needs. I'm his fetcher to and from school. He's the very reason why I preferred to stay home and never worked corporately again. I want to witness every step he makes and always be there to guide his path. Actually, I'm enjoying my role as a full-time mother to my other two kids. Raising two teenagers of this generation is quite challenging as well.

 Browsing through old files, I stumbled upon this video:

1-year old Kiko learning to say grace before meal

Kiko with Olaf sitting cushion - advance birthday gift from Ate Aya
Kiko with Olaf sitting cushion
(advance birthday gift from Ate Aya)

Effects of Chronic Parental Conflict

"simplymarrimye-chronic parental conflict"

Marriage is a lifelong commitment of two individuals who are joined by a matrimonial ceremony. It is the process by which a couple makes their relationship public, official, and permanent. It's a legalized union of two people who vowed to live life together, forever. A contract that establishes the rights and obligations of both parties involved. But living together without marriage is definitely a different story.

My husband and I are not a perfect couple. We have had countless arguments but as much as possible, we refrain from doing it in front of our kids. Disagreements and misunderstandings are natural occurrences in any healthy relationship. However, frequent quarrels and fights can resort to saying hurtful comments and behaviors.

I guess, my husband and I fall under the common or normal parents with diversified opinions and ideas but with a respectful form of communication in dealing with conflicts and resolving issues.

I remember we had a neighbor couple who's living together with two toddler kids. This family seemed to have been suffering from Chronic Parental Conflict. They always fight about the same issues over and over leading to screaming, shouting, and hurting physically. Because of these constant squabbles, everyone in the neighborhood was being distracted. Unpleasant words were thrown and absorbed by the kids' young subconscious minds. Their confrontations are so disturbing.. so alarming that I even tried to address the matter to our barangay officials but unfortunately, they seem to have no power of intervention to such kind of domestic issue. The couple eventually got separated and the mother took the children's custody.

  1. Children Feel Insecure:  Because of the never-ending fights between parents, children are traumatized and frightened. They don't feel safe being at home experiencing such a difficult situation with threatened violence.
  2. Children's Mental Health Is At Risk:  There is a great possibility that the children may suffer an emotional breakdown. Unresolved conflicts bring fear, anxiety, and depression to children that can severely damage their mental health.
  3. Children May Lose Trust And Respect:  If the parents communicate without respect, the children are most likely to adopt a hostile environment where there is no trust, love, and understanding. They may perceive a relationship as something that is not worthy of sacrifice and kindness.
  4. Children May Be Confused:  When parents fight, children are the shock absorbers. They are caught in the middle of two people who supposed to be their role models but actually, displaying unethical behaviors. Who is right? To whom they should take side? Do they have to choose who's the lesser wicked?
  5. Gap Between Parents And Children:  A home should be a place of comfort and peace. If there is always domestic chaos, family members are disorganized, misled, and dysfunctional. The gap between family members may get wider when unresolved conflicts get worse. 
  6. Children Having Weak Foundation:  Being exposed to long-lasting parental arguments creates an unhealthy atmosphere inside the house. Children are more susceptible to making mistakes thus contributing to a weak foundation of character. They tend to be self-centered, judgmental, and narrow-minded.

Every family has a fair share of unresolved issues and domestic problems. What's important is, there's open communication among the members, the reassurance of love for one another, respect for one's opinions, the courage to accept mistakes, the ability to listen to understand, and the willingness to take part in finding the solution.

What Your Heart May Say

 As humans who are rational in nature, we have the ability to comprehend and understand the definition of LOVE. We cannot describe it in only one word because of its complexity but we can express it in countless ways. Our mind can control our emotions but our heart may say otherwise.

Can you find your heart here?

GRATEFUL heart may say...
"My life has never been this amazing since you came into my world. You've accepted me for what I am and love me for who I am. Despite the past, you're here to stay."

GENEROUS heart may say:
"I love you more than myself. If you're happy with someone else, I'm willing to give up the fight and if ever you failed to seek the love I gave you... never think twice, I'm always waiting for your return."

REGRETFUL heart may say...
"I've been searching your love yet nowhere to find it. The treasure in your heart had beaten my pride. Now only memories are left to live with."

JEALOUS heart may say...
"It drives me crazy when you gaze upon someone with a sparkle in your eyes. I can hardly imagine how painful it is to see you giving special attention to anybody else other than me."

SELFISH heart may say...
"You're only mine and nobody can take your love away from me. I'm the only one perfect for you. I'm the only one who can provide you everything you need and everything you want. Nobody, nobody but me."

FAITHFUL heart may say...
"My eyes will never take a glance at any other charming face. My ears will never hear any whisper... It's only your lips will say I LOVE YOU to me. I will never savor any warm embrace other than your deep meaningful hug. Temptations are everywhere but my heart is locked and it's only you who hold the key."

CONTENTED heart may say...
"Let me keep you in my arms forever. Our love has survived the best and worst of the past and we're now living our present, enjoying every detail of it. I'm confident that we will share the rest of our lives together."

HOPEFUL heart may say...
"We had our own share of heartaches. Our past mistakes will serve as lessons that will guide us in our relationship now. Our love is a fresh beginning that will make memories not promises."

WISHFUL heart may say...
"I may not have that kind of love I ever desire but I know God will take me to the destiny I most deserve. My heart will continue beating until love will find its way."

If your heart says otherwise, what would it be?

What Is Subconjunctival Hemorrhage?

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage in my right eye
Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
 in my right eye

July 24, 2014

Being highly myopic and highly astigmatic, I'm compelled to wear toric contact lenses. Glasses are safer but lenses are more comfortable. I've been using them for decades and fortunately, I've encountered no serious complications for long-term use except last week when my right eye got red. 

Actually, it's my sister who first noticed redness in the right corner of my right eye. I did not feel any pain or itchiness. I was alarmed when I saw it totally red upon waking up the following morning. I didn't suspect it was a sore eye but I still went to the clinic and had it check.

It's my first time to be diagnosed with a so-called, subconjunctival hemorrhage. I was advised not to wear lenses for a week or two until the redness disappears completely.

What is Subconjunctival Hemorrhage?
It is similar to an ordinary bruise on the skin - it's like a bruise of the eye. It usually appears as a single, concentrated spot of red, or many scattered red splotches, on the white of the eye. The redness is blood under the conjunctiva, a clear membrane that covers the white of the eye (called the sclera) and the inner eyelids.

Seeing a subconjunctival hemorrhage on your eye can be alarming. Yet it is actually a common minor occurrence. It is almost always harmless and will heal on its own. It does not affect vision and generally does not cause pain. There are usually no sensations or symptoms, other than the appearance of the red spot. In fact, you may not even be aware that you have a subconjunctival hemorrhage until someone points it out or you look in the mirror. -Source

What are the causes?
The conjunctiva contains nerves and many small blood vessels. These blood vessels are usually barely visible but become larger and more visible if the eye is inflamed. These blood vessels are somewhat fragile and their walls may break easily.
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Straining/vomiting
  • Increasing the pressure in the veins of the head, as in weight lifting
  • Eye rubbing or inserting contact lenses
  • Certain infections of the outside of the eye (conjunctivitis) where a virus or a bacteria weaken the walls of small blood vessels under the conjunctiva
  • A medical disorder causing bleeding or inhibiting normal clotting.
  • A sudden increase in blood pressure. -Source

I am hypertensive and I take my maintenance medication daily but the doctor told me that it may shoot up due to strenuous activities. I do household chores but that's a daily routine. The culprit may be my lenses that need replacement... or maybe, I lifted something heavy. Whatever the cause, I just have to be cautious from now on. 

My Journal 2: Dirty Ice Cream

"dirty ice cream-simplymarrimye"

October 23, 2014

Why “dirty ice cream”? Is it because this favorite frozen delight a dirty food? Actually, even I don’t know why it’s called such. So, I made some research about its origin and the reason behind its name.

Here in the Philippines, eating "dirty ice cream" is not only a thing of the past but still a habit of the present. When we were kids, we used to wait for "Mamang Sorbetero" or the ice cream vendor to pass by our street and buy a cone of this cold treat. Dirty ice cream peddlers use colorful-painted carts that can accommodate three flavors.

"Ice cream was introduced in the Philippines during the American Occupation when refrigerators and other cooling devices were introduced. While the American ice cream was made with cow's milk, using the milk of the carabao, a kind of water buffalo, resulting in a cheaper product which became known as "sorbetes." 

Both kinds of milk are widely used today. Coconut milk and cassava flour are two other ingredients used that make sorbetes unique from ice cream made in other countries. Flavors also varied from the usual natural fruits such as mango, avocado, melon, jackfruit, coconut, and strawberry to flavors imitating commercial ice cream such as chocolate, cookies and cream, cheese, mocha, ube, etc.

The sorbetes industry competes with commercially available ice cream from giant companies operating in the Philippines such as Arce Dairy, Magnolia, NestlΓ©, and Selecta, which also started peddling their product in the streets in more sanitized carts." -Source
In my kid's generation, the ice cream can be placed in plastic cups like what these two schoolmates are holding, wafer or sugar cones or bread buns. They always enjoy eating dirty ice cream together after class.

The term is dirty ice cream because it's being sold in the streets peddled by hawkers who don’t wear any gloves to avoid germs getting into the food. Buyers are not sure if the vendors’ hands are clean and how these ice creams are being prepared. There is a health risk in buying this cold treat but children can hardly avoid the temptation.

My Journal: Cuteness Overload

KIKO and the icing on his face
The icing on his face

December 4, 2014

Do you think this photo is cute? Well, you're absolutely right. This is what I call, "cuteness overload".

If you are a parent with young kids around, I'm sure you have done some naughty things that made them chuckle and giggle like showing them your wackiest face, playing peekaboo, imitating animals' sounds, or any other silly demonstration that may tickle their little minds. 

There’s no better stress-buster than a baby laugh. It's music to our ears and the sound it makes drives us crazy. They are just adorable.

That's my youngest son in the picture when he's one year old. His Papa smeared some chocolate "icing on his face". The smile is so naive and innocent. He didn't even know that his Papa's making fun of him. 

This was taken during our summer outing in Laguna and happened to be his older brother's birthday.

Everything is open to serve you
Everything is open to serve you

This second photo is epic... That's Kiko again with his shirt on his head like wearing a bonnet. He looks like a scavenger kid in Smokey Mountain.

Obviously, "everything is open to serve you"... his eyes, nose, and mouth are in perfect coordination.

I love to take photos of my children. They are the most beautiful kids on earth. I love to see their smiles especially during infant and toddler years like these two pictures of my youngest, very candid and gullible.

Covid-19 Pandemic: Effects on Children

Image from the web

The Covid-19 pandemic immensely affects millions of people from around the globe. Its impact is massive especially on children who are the most vulnerable. 

During this time, schools are closed and children are out of the classroom. Any public activity is being discouraged to prevent the spread of the infection.  As a result, the education system dramatically changed with the rise of online classes. 

Distance learning means no physical interactions between students and teachers. This may contribute to the inability of the students to focus on the lessons.  They may lose motivation to attend their online classes because of the repetitive and seemingly dull virtual academic environment. There's also a greater possibility for students to be easily distracted by social media and other internet sites. This cycle may lead to more serious circumstances like failing grades and dropping out.

Children are confined to their homes. They have limited access to the outside world like they used to. They cannot even play or hang-out with their friends. The feeling of social isolation is stressful and may increase the risks of mental health issues. Parents should know how to deal with this problem and manage to control or set limitations in order to avoid conflicts. I know, it's a struggle to establish a constant and close connection with our children nowadays but we need to be cautious in guiding them every step of the way.

Most children are scared and worried so they should feel safe inside the house. The psychological, mental, social, and emotional effects of long-term confinement may generate discomfort on both old and young adults but having a loving family will definitely give them the strong support system they need.

"Ikaw, ano ang HUGOT mo?"

Kumusta naman ang puso mo? Ok ba ang mga kaganapan sa buhay-buhay? Sana, wala ka namang pinagdadaanan ngayon. Kung meron man.. "daanan mo lang at wag mong tambayan."

Image from the web

"It's easier said than done." Dahil para sa iba, hindi lang isang iyak ang problema. Balde-baldeng luha ang dadaloy sa mga mata bago maka-move on. Kahit nga tunggain pa ang lahat ng red horse sa mundo. Malalasing lang at makakalimot nang konti pero paggising... TULALEY pa rin ang peg ng lola mo (o lolo kung lalake. Hehehe!) 

Maraming nangyayari sa mundo na mahirap ipaliwanag at maintindihan pero wala naman tayong ibang pwedeng gawin kundi, ang tanggapin ang mga ito at ilagay sa isip na... "pagkatapos ng ulan ay sisikat muli ang Haring Araw para magbigay ng bagong pag-asa."

Meron naman akong kakilala, akala mo kung sinong makapanghusga ng kapwa nya.. Biruin mo ba naman, ang sabi sa kapit-bahay nya...

    "Hoy, bakit ka ba nakatalikod. Humarap ka! Kung anong pangit ng mukha mo, sya ring pangit ng ugali mo!"

Si ate girl naman.. kung makapanglait. Eh lahat naman tayo ngayon, mata na lng ang nakikita dahil sa naka-face mask na, naka-face shield pa. "Bawal ang judgemental noh..."

Image not mine

Ang hirap ma-please ang mga tao ngayon, lalo na ang mga millenials. Masyado silang mabilis mag-isip... padalus-dalos pero mainipin. Dahil na rin siguro sa technology. Eh biruin mo ba naman.. ang ligawan, virtual na ang approach. Iba pa rin yung may physical touch pero hindi yung iniisip nyo ha. Ang ibig kong sabihin.. yun bang nag-uusap ang mga mata hindi ang mga daliri sa kakatipak.

"Bakit ba masarap ang magmahal?" Eh kasi, sweet ang cupcake ko πŸ‘«

"Bakit masakit naman din ang magmahal?" ACHE kasi, he broke my heart πŸ’”

Sa aking palagay, hindi malalim ang nagiging pundasyon ng mga relasyon ngayon dahil na rin sa digital world.

Image not mine

Napapansin ko ngayon, malaki ang epekto ng social media  sa mga tao lalo na emotionaly. Kung ano ang nararamdaman mo, negative man o positive.. naka-post agad sa Facebook. Hindi ko naman nilalahat pero karamihan. Yung iba sa Twitter dinadaan ang rants.. pwede pa nga mga bad words πŸ‘Ž Kung sabagay, kanya-kanya tayo ng paniniwala. "Walang basagan ng trip."

Oh pano, hanggang dito na lang muna. Abangan nyo ang next post ko. Part 2 ng hugot lines.

"Pati si Jollibee, Na-pandemic"

 Grabe!!! Ay grabe talaga!!!

Sino ba ang  mag-aakala na ang pinaka-BEE-dang fastfood chain sa Pilipinas ay mana-KNOCKDOWN ng COVID-19? Sino rin ang mag-aakala na ang paboritong pulang mascot na bubuyog ay naka-quarantine din? At sino rin ang mag-aakala na wala munang magaganap na birthday celebrations at special occassions na ang handa ay ang LANGHAP-SARAP na chickenjoy?

Ganito sya noong bago mag-pandemya. Isang damakmak na tao.. Bagets man o senior citizens, SUKI niya. Hindi nawawalan ng mahabang pila.

At ang saya-saya, noh? Papicture dito.. Selfie doon. Napakarami mong nabusog na madlang pipol hindi lang nationwide, worldwide pa. Hindi mabilang na mga memories na naging parte na ng buhay ng bawat PILIPINO saan man sa mundo. Kahit nga ibang lahi, napa-bilib mo JOLLIBEE...

Pero nasaan ka na? Miss ka na namin. Nakaka-order pa rin naman dahil sa online delivery pero iba pa rin yung nakikita ka namin na nagungulit sa store lalo pag may parties. Ang galing-galing mo sumayaw. Mabuti na lang at may nag-compile ng mga HATAW mo sa dance floor. SALAMAT sa video na to at kahit papano, nakita ka namin sa TIKTOK.

Because of this coronavirus pandemic, Jollibee Foods Corporation temporarily closed half of its stores worldwide leading to a P10.2 billion net loss in the second quarter of 2020. According to JFC CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong...

"The business results were very bad but in line with our forecasts. We are now focusing on rebuilding our business moving forward along with implementing major cost improvements under our Business Transformation program."

While JFC chief financial officer Ysmael Baysa said...

"The business transformation plan includes closure of 255 company-owned stores, change in ownership of 95 stores, pre-termination penalties in US and China and closure of supply chain facilities, among others."

Here's how Jollibee stores deal with the current situation. No more crowds... No more long queue lines... No more happy faces because the SMILES are covered by masks and face shields.

Ooooops... Wag naman masyadong malungkot. Ika nga,.."There's always a rainbow after the rain." Kailangan nating buhayin ang pag-asa sa ating puso na malalampasan natin ang krisis na ito. Pasasaan ba't masisilayan din natin ang muling pag-ngiti ng ating pambansang BFF... si Jollibee.

"Panalangin Para Sa Pamilya"

Ang pamilyang sama-samang manalangin ay kapit-bisig din sa mga pagsubok na haharapin. Walang mabigat na problema sa pamilyang nagkakaisa.

Panginoon, maraming salamat po sa biyaya ng isang pamilya. Dalangin po naming maghari ang pag-ibig, kapayapaan at kabutihan sa aming tahanan. Gabayan mo po ang bawat isa sa amin at patnubayan ang aming mga gawain.

Hipuin Nyo po kami ng Iyong mapagpalang kamay. Pagkalooban ng mabuting kalusugan upang malabanan namin ang kahit ano mang karamdaman. Ilayo Nyo po kami sa ano mang kapahamakan. Manatili po kaming matatag lalo na sa panahon ng kahinaan at pagsubok. Maging matibay ang aming pananampalataya sa Inyo. Ituro Nyo po sa amin ang tamang landas upang kami ay maging karapat-dapat sa Iyong pagpapala. Patuloy nyo pong basbasan ang bawat pamilyang nakakaranas ng kahirapan, nawawalan ng pag-asa at naliligaw ng landas.

Sana po’y mangibabaw ang kababaan ng loob ng bawat isa sa mga pagkakataong di kami nagkakaunawaan. Kayo po ang manahan sa aming puso at isip upang malabanan naming ang pangamba at takot lalo na sa kasalukuyang krisis na aming kinakaharap. Nawa’y malampasan namin ito at unti-unti kaming makabangon sa Iyong habag at tulong.

Kayo po ang nakakaalam ng pinakamabuti para sa amin. Batid Mo po ang aming pangangailangan sa araw-araw na pamumuhay. Ipagkaloob Mo po na matupad ang aming mga pangarap ng magandang kinabukasan.

Panginoon, Kayo po ang aming lakas at aming tagapagligtas. Yakapin mo po ang bawat pamilyang Pilipino ng Iyong walang hanggang pagmamahal. Hinihiling namin ito sa pamamagitan ng Iyong banal na pangalan. AMEN

Mas mararamdaman nyo ang bawat salita kung papanoorin nyo ang video na ito...

"Simula, Katha ng Isang Makata"


Ang lalim ng mga salitang namutawi sa kanyang mga labi. Ngunit, subalit, datapwat, napakahusay nyang gumawa ng tula. Kapatid, ikaw na ang tunay na makata πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Malamig. Hanging labas masok sa aking dibdib
Dumilat. Nasilaw sa ilaw na sa bintana’y nakasilip
Nag-inat. Ginising ang katawang nais pang umidlip
Buhay ako. Salamat

Walang tutumbas sa gandang dulot ng umaga
Ang bukang liwaway na laging nanghahalina
Ibinabalik tayo sa ating pagkabata
Sabik na sabik sa pasalubong nitong dala
Puno ng mga pangako ng bagong simula

Kanya-kanya tayong dahilan ng pagsisimula
May nagsisimula dahil may natapos
May nagsisimula dahil may naubos
May nagsisimula dahil sawa na sa poot
May nagsisimula dahil nais makalimot
May nagsisimula dahil ayaw na sa luma
May nagsisimula dahil may bagong nakasalamuha
May nagsisimula dahil may gustong patunayan
May nagsisimula dahil ayaw na sa nakasanayan
May nagsisimula sapagkat, wala lang, maiba lang

Anu’t ano pa man ang dahilan ng ating pagsisimula
Mainam na bitbit pa rin nating ang mga alaala ng nakaraan
‘Di upang hilahin tayo nito pabalik, kundi upang magsilbi itong gabay
Sa bagong landas na pinili nating lakaran
Landas na hindi sigurado ang patutunguhan
Landas na puno ng mga hamong kailangang lampasan
Ngunit hindi alintana ang kawalang katiyakan
Dahil umaasa tayo na sa dulo, naroon ang tunay na kaligayahan

PANOORIN NYO ANG VIDEO para maramdaman nyo ang tunay na kahulugan ng bawat salita. 

"Paano Nga Ba Maka-Move on"

Love is being with someone who'll always choose to stay and never leave... Someone who'll never give up no matter what. Pero, biglang nagbiro ang tadhana. Sa kabila ng malalim na pinagsamahan at maraming pinagdaanan, ay bumitiw ang inyong mga kamay at tuluyang nagkahiwalay. 

Ano ang naging dahilan at biglang nagbago? Isa sa inyo ang lumisan at isa ang naiwang luhaan. Ang malaking katanungan ngayon ay, kung paano makalimot at muling mag-umpisa... 

Moving on can never happen overnight and for some, it may take a while.

Sino ba ang hindi nakaranas ng breakup? Walang nagsabi na madali lang ang proseso. Maraming tanong pero ang sagot din ay bakit. Mahirap talagang tanggapin ang katotohanan na hindi kayo para sa isa't-isa.

Paano nga ba mag-move on?

FIRST STEP: Game ka na ba?

Kailangan handa ka at desididong bumangon. Believe that you can survive this battle.

STEP 2: It's OK not to be OK

Namnamin mo ang sakit. Umiyak ka hanggat gusto mo. Kailangan mong pagdaanan ang stage na 'to para mas maging matibay ka. Strength is within yourself. You just have to pull it out of your core.

STEP 3: Acceptance

May mga bagay talaga na kahit ipagpilitan mo, hindi talaga pwede. Acceptance will liberate your mind to face reality.  Ang relasyon, pwedeng matapos pero ang buhay, dapat tuloy pa rin.

STEP 4: Self-affirmation

You have to believe in yourself and acknowledge your value. Focus on your well-being and make yourself busy by doing things that boost your creativity. Smile can make a difference.

STEP 5: Prayer is powerful

Your faith will strengthen your inner self. Let God be the healer of your broken heart. Ang mga pagsubok ang magpapatibay at magpapatatag sa iyong pagkatao.

STEP 6: Stay Disconnected

Sa totoo lang, mahirap gawin ang step na ito unless kaya mong pangatawanan. Unfollow mo sya.. unfriend mo na rin. Sa tingin mo ba, magiging effective? Ikaw na lang kaya ang magpahinga sa social media. Divert your attention. Take a break. What you don't know, won't hurt you. It's time to let go of the things that remind you of the pain.

STEP 7: Be with your support system

Your family will always be the wind beneath your wings. They will support you, every step of the way. Be with friends who never judge you but always got your back.

STEP 8: Forgive and forget

It's better to let go of the bad feelings in order for good things to come in. Mas gagaan ang pakiramdam mo kapag nagpatawad ka. It doesn't matter now who made that damn mistake. What's important is, the lesson you've learned from that experience.

STEP 9: Keep in mind, tomorrow is another day

Your wounds will heal in time. It may not happen now but it will. Rebuilding trust may be difficult but you'll eventually overcome the trauma. Kailangang bigyan mo ang puso mo ng pagkakataong tumibok muli. Wag mong hanapin ang pag-ibig dahil kusa itong darating sa takdang panahon.

These steps will guide you in the process of moving on and letting go. But remember, your life is not dependent on what others will say. 

"The woman you are is not the woman you used to be. and the woman you will be is the woman, you should be. THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF." 

Watch this video now...


It's never a measure of how far or how near a person from you to keep the love alive. Although distance may seem a hurdle to some, it may be a better way to strengthen a relationship.

True love can endure any circumstance. It doesn't matter whether you are close to each other physically or away for a long time. If your bond is stable enough, no distance can separate your heart and soul.

"Distance by Simplymarrimye"

The Making of Hello FOREVER

Sa loob ng mahigit isang buwang pagsusunog ng kilay, natapos ko rin ang first ever serious Youtube vlog ko at eto na nga ang BTS o behind the scenes ng "Hello FOREVER". 

Tinanong ako ng bunso kong anakshie na si KIKO noong pinapanood ko sa kanya ang raw video at ang tanong nya sa akin ay ganito...

    "Mama, saan ka nahirapan sa paggawa ng video mo?

Hindi ko alam kung maiinis ako o matatawa sa tanong nya. Pero ipaliwanag ko man sa kanya isa-isa kung saan nga ba ako nahirapan, baka hindi lang nya ako maintindihan dahil sa pagta-type pa lang sa keyboard ay super bagal ko na samantalang sya na 11 years old pa lang ay kapado na ang bawat letra. Bakit nga ba hindi ako natuto sa proper placing ng daliri sa keyboard para habang nagta-type ako ay nakatingin lang ako sa screen para madali lang matapos ang isang blog post ko.

Para sas inyong kaalaman ay ishe-share ko na rin kung paano ko nagkanda-ugaga sa paggawa ng video na ito. Ako ay isang 24/7 na momshie kaya habang wala akong gawa sa bahay, ay nasa harap ako ng aming computer. Mabuti na lang at nakabili ako ng bago dahil uugud-ugod na ang dati naming PC dahil isang dekada na rin naman namin syang nagamit.

  1. Para akong  nag-aral ng online courses: animation, editing, movie making, voice-over speaking, sound recording
  2. Nag-research kay google kung pano ba to, pano ba yun
  3. Nanood ng mga tutorials sa youtube 
  4. Nag-download ng mga png images, clipart, sound effect at music background na dapat walang copyright issues
  5. Nag-cut ng mga pictures/images at nag-trim ng mga sound effects para sakto sa timing
  6. Inaral ko ulit ang MS PowerPoint
  7. Nagamay ko na rin kahit papano ang Toonly software
  8. Ilang beses nag-trial and error sa pag-export ng videos from Toonly and PPT
  9. Ang kaso, ilang beses rin akong nag-upload sa youtube pero may copyright claim. Muntik na akong sumuko pero laban lang.. At sa wakas, napag-tagumpayan ko!!! YEHEY!
  10. Kung hindi sana ako naglalaba, nagluluto, nagpupunta sa grocery, bumibili ng gamot sa Mercury, bumibili ng ulam, naglilinis ng bahay, naghahanda ng pagkain, nagwawalis sa labas at nagdidilig ng aking mga halaman, baka mas madali kong natapos. Hehehehe πŸ˜…
Dun dun dun... ito na po ang finished product ng aking pinaghirapan... ENJOY WATCHING and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos.