What Your Heart May Say

 As humans who are rational in nature, we have the ability to comprehend and understand the definition of LOVE. We cannot describe it in only one word because of its complexity but we can express it in countless ways. Our mind can control our emotions but our heart may say otherwise.

Can you find your heart here?

GRATEFUL heart may say...
"My life has never been this amazing since you came into my world. You've accepted me for what I am and love me for who I am. Despite the past, you're here to stay."

GENEROUS heart may say:
"I love you more than myself. If you're happy with someone else, I'm willing to give up the fight and if ever you failed to seek the love I gave you... never think twice, I'm always waiting for your return."

REGRETFUL heart may say...
"I've been searching your love yet nowhere to find it. The treasure in your heart had beaten my pride. Now only memories are left to live with."

JEALOUS heart may say...
"It drives me crazy when you gaze upon someone with a sparkle in your eyes. I can hardly imagine how painful it is to see you giving special attention to anybody else other than me."

SELFISH heart may say...
"You're only mine and nobody can take your love away from me. I'm the only one perfect for you. I'm the only one who can provide you everything you need and everything you want. Nobody, nobody but me."

FAITHFUL heart may say...
"My eyes will never take a glance at any other charming face. My ears will never hear any whisper... It's only your lips will say I LOVE YOU to me. I will never savor any warm embrace other than your deep meaningful hug. Temptations are everywhere but my heart is locked and it's only you who hold the key."

CONTENTED heart may say...
"Let me keep you in my arms forever. Our love has survived the best and worst of the past and we're now living our present, enjoying every detail of it. I'm confident that we will share the rest of our lives together."

HOPEFUL heart may say...
"We had our own share of heartaches. Our past mistakes will serve as lessons that will guide us in our relationship now. Our love is a fresh beginning that will make memories not promises."

WISHFUL heart may say...
"I may not have that kind of love I ever desire but I know God will take me to the destiny I most deserve. My heart will continue beating until love will find its way."

If your heart says otherwise, what would it be?


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