Covid-19 Pandemic: Effects on Children

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The Covid-19 pandemic immensely affects millions of people from around the globe. Its impact is massive especially on children who are the most vulnerable. 

During this time, schools are closed and children are out of the classroom. Any public activity is being discouraged to prevent the spread of the infection.  As a result, the education system dramatically changed with the rise of online classes. 

Distance learning means no physical interactions between students and teachers. This may contribute to the inability of the students to focus on the lessons.  They may lose motivation to attend their online classes because of the repetitive and seemingly dull virtual academic environment. There's also a greater possibility for students to be easily distracted by social media and other internet sites. This cycle may lead to more serious circumstances like failing grades and dropping out.

Children are confined to their homes. They have limited access to the outside world like they used to. They cannot even play or hang-out with their friends. The feeling of social isolation is stressful and may increase the risks of mental health issues. Parents should know how to deal with this problem and manage to control or set limitations in order to avoid conflicts. I know, it's a struggle to establish a constant and close connection with our children nowadays but we need to be cautious in guiding them every step of the way.

Most children are scared and worried so they should feel safe inside the house. The psychological, mental, social, and emotional effects of long-term confinement may generate discomfort on both old and young adults but having a loving family will definitely give them the strong support system they need.

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