Better to Let it Go

better to let it go by simplymarrimye

Love needs to be flourished
not be wasted away.
Respect and trust make it blossom
every single day.

Love is not selfish nor wicked 
never egoistic and narrow
Any relationship will fail...
then parting ways will follow.

"Punctuation Marks ni Misis"

Photo not mine

Kapag ginagabi na ng uwi  si honey...
(question mark)
"Bakit ngayon ka lang?"

Kapag inuumaga na siya ng pagdating...
(exclamation point na patanong)
"Saan ka galing !!!"


Control-Alt-Delete by Simplymarrimye

May mga taong sadyang manhid
Hindi man lang marunong makiramdam.
Sadyang dedma lang at walang pakialam.

Sa mga nilalang na may pusong-bato,
ano nga ba ang dapat sintensya?
Eh di... i-unfriend o unfollow mo na lang sila.

"A Happy Wife"

Simplymarrimye's A Happy Wife

No richness can make a woman joyful
unless she prefers money over love.

No luxury is ever worthy
unless she prefers sparkling gems over warm hugs.

No extravagance can keep her domestic
unless she prefers a mansion over a sweet home.

A happy wife is a woman who has
nothing more valuable than a man who knows her innermost.

Dream and Reality

dream and reality by simplymarrimye

When we close our eyes to sleep
our mind can travel
through time and space.

Dreams may take us to a place of wonder
a moment of great pleasure
can be vague or vivid.

But once we open our eyes to consciousness
our fantasies leave our senses
and true life starts to surface.

A dream may come to reality
but reality may never become a dream.

"Ikaw Aking TOTO"

Simplymarrimye - "Ikaw Aking TOTO"

"Hindi mo man batid ang tunay na kahulugan ng kaarawan,
Hindi mo man masabi kung anu ang iyong nararamdaman.
Ngayong araw ng iyong kapanganakan,
Pagmamahal namin ang tanging maibibigay.

Sa labing isang taon na Ikaw ay kapiling,
Saya at lambing ang iyong pinaramdam.
Sa bawat yakap at halik mo sa amin,
Ramdam ang init ng iyong pagmamahal.

Kaya ngayong kaarawan mo,
Tangi kong maipapangako,
Hangang sa huling hininga ko
Gagabayan kita... Ikaw aking TOTO."

Poem by: Mama Malen

Eleven years ago, Clarence Jhoize was brought to life. It was the day when his parents felt the overwhelming joy of having a son of their own. He completes the Magos family with his two older sisters. He's a normal child at birth... He would cry when he's hungry or if it's time for a diaper change... But as he turned a month older until he reached his third, something was not right. He could hardly hold his head up, make no vowel noises and could not turn his head round to sound. He's not progressing at the same rate as a normal child his age.

Such signs of developmental delay brought distress to the family. He underwent some series of tests and he's diagnosed to have been suffering from "Global Developmental Delay" or is defined as any significant lag in any child's physical, cognitive, behavioral, emotional or social development as compared to normal ranges. He has "seizure disorder" that greatly affect the development of his brain cells. He's being treated and monitored by a specialist in a regular basis and because of this condition, his Mama Malen was compelled to give up her job to focus on him and Papa Charlie should work double-time as a ship's crew in order to sustain his needs and provide appropriate attention.

My sister Malen calls him TOTO and this poem was specially made  for a child equally special like him.

One Heart, One Soul

One Heart, One Soul by simplymarrimye

Love can be expressed in countless ways
Some would show it distinctly
While others just do it beyond notice.

Whatever the means will be..
accepting the person's goodness and imperfections
will make a difference.

Love is not about having similarities
or common fondness and likes
It's about the inner sense of oneness despite diversities.

"Unrequited Love"

Unrequited Love by Simplymarrimye

There are people who are lonely
living in an oblivious world
where reality is distant and life is obscure

They choose to wear a smile
but sadness reign inside
begging for something that is never mutual.

Loving a person with nothing in return
is an obvious act of despair
but for them... it's every breath they take.

Starting Over Again

Starting Over Again by Simplymarrimye

When we fall, we feel pain.
When we fail, we feel hopeless
Love may end in many reasons...
and starting over may take a while.

If we tried hard but still we lose
If we cried out all but still we suffer
Love may deserve a second chance 
if fate allows, it will happen.

Forget the past that causes pain
Savor the present that makes memories
Look beyond tomorrow...
Old love may never rekindle but a new one may begin to flame.

Love in Action

Simplymarrimye - Love in action

It's not enough to say you love a person
Words will not prove it until actions are done.

It's not enough to thank a person
Gratitude comes from an unpretentious soul.

It's not enough to give praises
Doing right is different from doing good.

It's not enough to have pure love
without a pair of hearts that beat as one.

Anger and Kindness

Simplymarrimye - Anger and Kindness

All of us get offended, annoyed and dismayed
We cannot avoid being resentful
but we can do something to feel otherwise.

Life may take us to a place
where righteousness becomes unfitting
and goodness becomes insignificant.

Let kindness prevail in our hearts
because tomorrow may bring us either sorrow
or joy beyond compare.

Love and Pride

When it comes to LOVE, 
we are victims of our own judgments and decisions. 
We only hear our own sentiments 
and never listen to what other's may say. 
Listening to understand 
is different from listening to respond. 

If only we have the heart 
to let pain be the strength to accept 
and let love weaken our pride... 
no wall can ever go between two people 
who desire to live life together... forever.

simplymarrimye's love and pride

Equality of Differences

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What if you are poor
and you don't have the wealth to brag about
but you have a big heart to offer love unconditionally...

What if you are rich
and you don't have the power to stop getting old
and buy your immortal life...

What if you are a man
and you don't have the ability to bear a child
but you have the valor to protect and provide...

What if you are a woman
and you can never be a king
but a reigning queen behind a man's success...

What if you are still young
and you cannot be wise enough
but can be an aggressive learner and creative juvenile...

What if you are old
and your mind deteriorates as you reach the end of the road
but your existence may leave an immeasurable impact to humanity.

We differ in some aspects
but equal in certain respects
to make this world keep going and life worth living..

My Journey Begins

My Daddy Dan and Mommy Abby
My Daddy Dan and Mommy Abby

who was then 17 and
Abby, who was a year older
met for the first time
during a town fiesta on August of 1967.

They became lovers
September of the same year
but because of
a simple kiss on the cheek
that caught the eye of a malicious onlooker,
they were forced to elope a month later
and soon got married.

After nine months ...
came their firstborn child named,


29th of June, 1968...
the beginning of a journey
worth traveling.

Yours truly, at one year old
Yours truly, at one year old

AMA, Haligi ng Tahanan

Kiko and Papa Ariel
Kiko and Papa Ariel

Iba't-ibang klase ang ama sa mundo...

Merong tahimik, walang imik
subalit kapag nagbitiw na ng salita
tumatagos sa puso, 
tumatanim sa isip, ramdam ang bawat titik.