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Reminiscing With These Old Photographs

My bandaged hands Looking at this photograph is a reverie of the past long gone More than four decades ago an accident burnt my hands. I may not remember anything except for the stories repeatedly told The scars that are still visible remind me of the pain so unbearable.

KathNiel's Got to Believe at ang Tunay na Kwento

May isang sikat na Chichay na ngayo'y bumibida Komedyante rin ang dating nya pero sya ay may angking ganda na mahilig managinip kahit dilat ang mga mata. Siya ay lumaki sa isang perya Mama Bear ang turing sa kanyang nanay At Papa Bear naman ang tawag sa kanyang tatay. mahirap man ang buhay nila "Never say die." yan ang motto nya.

When Two Distant Hearts Become ONE

Dreaming for her is a hard habit to break.  She spent all her life  dreaming with someone  who will love her  more than anything...  who will always stay by her side  and protect her  from being harmed  fight for her when danger comes comfort her  when lonesome fills her heart...  show her the way  when she is lost open his arms and offer a warm embrace hold her with much tenderness...   and bring her to the world of ecstasy.