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JOINING ME in this journey is...

Danlourd - the author of this poem

- The author of this poem written in Filipino language, is an eligible bachelor with a stable career in AIG Shared Services as a Systems Analyst. DL, as fondly called is a music enthusiast with a gifted vocal chords according to some fanatics (these include his close friends and family, LOL!) and loves bar-hopping, backpacking (in and out of the country), going to the Gym and sweating out (aiming for an impressive ABS), taking snapshots (has an eye for photography), a bit hopeless romantic and has a talent for writing poetry deeper than depth like this one:

Lahat ng simula'y may katapusan
Kadalasan, hindi 'happy ending'
Ngunit walang lugar ang pagsisisi
Sa kwento ng tunay na nagmamahal

Sa iyo ko natutunang umibig
Pag-ibig na kayang tumanggap
Pag-ibig na hindi makasarili
Pag-ibig na nagbibibigay

Sa iyo ko rin naranasang ibigin
Taliwas man sa nakasanayan,
Isang napakasarap na pakiramdam
Hindi masukat, hindi maipaliwanag