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Battling My Anxiety During Community Quarantine

Everyday is a constant battle against anxiety and boredom. Being isolated from the real world because of this coronavirus outbreak, our emotions gone wild. We suddenly worry about so many things. We are trapped in our own homes, overthinking when and how will this crisis be over. Our daily activities are limited and we can only keep up with what is now called the"new normal". This unfortunate circumstance seems to dominate our daily lives until a vaccine is developed to combat the dreadful crown of Covid-19. Meanwhile, we are left with no choice but to deal with the challenges brought about by this global pandemic. We have to be creative, proactive, artistic, resourceful and motivated to refocus our attention from negative thoughts to positive vibes. SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACK Palpitations Sweating Trembling Shortness of breath Sense of choking Chest pain Nausea Dizziness Feeling of being detached from the world (de-realization) Fear of dying Numbness or tingling in