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Hurting Words

Words can be so cruel that can break a lover's heart. They can be so sharp than can cut through one's soul. They can be so hateful that can never be forgotten.

Better to Let it Go

Love needs to be flourished not be wasted away. Respect and trust make it blossom every single day. Love is not selfish nor wicked  never egoistic and narrow Any relationship will fail... then parting ways will follow.

"Punctuation Marks ni Misis"

Photo not mine Kapag ginagabi na ng uwi  si honey... (question mark) "Bakit ngayon ka lang?" Kapag inuumaga na siya ng pagdating... (exclamation point na patanong) "Saan ka galing !!!"


May mga taong sadyang manhid Hindi man lang marunong makiramdam. Sadyang dedma lang at walang pakialam. Sa mga nilalang na may pusong-bato, ano nga ba ang dapat sintensya? Eh di... i-unfriend o unfollow mo na lang sila.

"A Happy Wife"

No richness can make a woman joyful unless she prefers money over love. No luxury is ever worthy unless she prefers sparkling gems over warm hugs. No extravagance can keep her domestic unless she prefers a mansion over a sweet home. A happy wife is a woman who has nothing more valuable than a man who knows her innermost.