We are but Human

We are but
and reality speaks out either truth or lie
We are bound
to blemish our life with flaws
deliberately or unintentionally

We are but
Acceptance is the only way to lighten up our heart
People may misjudge us.
The dirt in their face looks
invisible with their own eyes.

We are but
We cannot avoid being hurt and bleed in pain
The weakness prevails
when we are tested...
The strength seems hiding inside.

We are but
The gift of forgiveness may be easily granted
if only there's love, responsibility
faith and humility
but forgetting may take a while.

We are but
We ignore those things within our reach
We never realize the value
of life until it's gone...
until we lose sight of it.

We are but
We have our mind to think rationally
and our hearts to know
that kindness is not only
through words but also in deeds.

-Photo not mine-

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