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"If only LOVE is as naive and innocent as these young hearts do,
LIFE will never be complicated."

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The Story Behind These Quoted Photographs
These photographs were randomly taken last January 30, 2014 at Greenfield District Central Park, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City during a holiday getaway.  Actually, it's our second time to stroll around the place to witness Dragon Dance Show and Fireworks Display. While waiting for the day's scheduled activities:  I took advantage of the park's panoramic beauty and made a couple of shots using my Windows mobile phone. 

As requested, we tagged along Kiko's classmate, Ashlyn and her mother but unfortunately, the supposed schedule of 3-7PM was moved to a later time of 10-12 midnight due to unexpected rainfall. So, we decided to head towards SM Megamall and let the two disappointed kids enjoy the rest of the day in Kids Republic.

The pictures were so candid but at second glance, meaningful. I started to edit them and these are the end results,


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  1. These kids are so cute and touching. I think that when they grow up they will be as close as there are now. Family and good relationships are the most important things in the world!


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