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The Superwoman We Know

She has been the SUPERWOMAN we know who never fails to keep our HOME a place of  convenience and pleasure. She never fails to plan,  prepare and cook the best meal on our table Never let the clothes  dirty and crumpled. Everything is organized from ceiling to floor.


Image not mine When you expect  SOMETHING  will happen  and it never did... There's a reason behind it. When you expect  SOMEONE  will come and he/she never did... There's an explanation to it.

Lizzette Aira - A Name That's Uniquely Owned

An instance flashed back before me,  February of 1994,  I learned that I was pregnant  for the second time after a miscarriage. I recalled a time when I started  to write down names like:  Canisha Yvon, Dana Maureen, Leira Denisse   but nothing would seem better than this particular name. It never crossed my mind  to search the meaning of your name  ever since you were born  until I found myself writing this.  To my surprise,  the definition describes who and what you really are...  amiable,  kind-hearted  but sensitive and emotional by nature.