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Creating A Legacy Through Writing

JOINING ME in this journey is... TERESA GAUDINEZ-MARTINEZ  " A mother by emotion, a writer by profession, and a blogger by intention. Teresa or Teresay as she is called in the online community is a researcher and web content writer since 2005. Before settling into writing, her work experience was founded on the banking, advertising, and cooperative industries. She is a regular contributor to various SplashPress Media Blogs." Tere's handwriting  Her handwriting is a calligraphy that defines her innate skill...  Experts say that penmanship harbors more than the power of self-expression and bears the unique imprint of ones personality. Handwriting reveals hundreds of elements of the person's "personality and character" which includes glimpses into the subconscious mind, intellect, energy, fears, motivations, imagination, integrity, aptitudes, etc. There are over 100 individual traits revealed and an unlimited number of combinations.


"Knowing how to love is knowing how to be hurt. But learning to accept failure is learning how to take a step in letting go." Credits to Fix what is broken return from where you start. Take what is given swear not to depart. Search what is lost learn from the past. Value what it costs savor while it lasts.

Kite Flying is Like Reaching Out for a Dream

When we seek true satisfaction in life we aim for success and happiness. Sometimes, the more we strive the more failures we encounter. Like a kite it can fly high but when the wind blows harder... it can be torn away. Kite flies high with the strength of string that holds it. It needs a right lift for the wings to spread widely... freely. Floating like ornaments moving with the wind slightly disturbed.

NANAY - The MOTHER Who Started It All

JOINED ME in this journey was... ANASTACIA O. ACIERTO - Nanay Tacing, as we called her, a native of Bicol and was born April 15, 1928. She faced the challenge of married life at a young age of 14 to ARMANDO ACIERTO and had blessed with 6 children, two older boys; Dante and Danilo (both deceased) and four girls: Lourdes, Teresita, Aida and Gloria, who are now living her legacy as devoted, loving and hard-working mothers... "Being a mother is the noblest profession but the hardest of all." Nanay Tacing with Tatay Narding and their 4 daughters She was our beloved Nanay who dedicated her whole life in guiding not only her children but her children's children. I am her eldest "apo" (granddaughter) with her eldest daughter, Lourdes (my mother) and when I gave birth to my firstborn she was there to assist my mom in taking care of my little Aya when she was barely one. I could hardly find a nanny but she's there to take the place. My daughter is fortu

ILAW ng Tahanan

Nagsimula ang lahat  sa kanyang sinapupunan Ang binhi'y inaruga sa loob  ng siyam na buwan Unang sulyap sa liwanag ng sanggol na iniluwal Pag-asa ng buhay para sa  ANAK  nyang mahal. Paggising sa umaga paslit na ang kanyang gagap upang malusog na gatas nya ay maipalasap. Habang lumalaki,  siya pa rin ang hanap-hanap Mainit nyang pagmamahal at mahigpit nyang yakap.

Up Close and Personal

Fishes, up close and personal This isn't under the sea nor under the vast ocean deep A huge tank that resembles their natural habitat. They seem to enjoy it They seem to be happy Maybe, they have another mission... a role other than being aquatic organisms. A purpose that should be achieved. To offer their beauty within reach To share their uniqueness and be appreciated