"Knowing how to love is
knowing how to be hurt.
But learning to accept failure
is learning how to take a step
in letting go."

Simplymarrimye's Sentimental
Credits to

Fix what is broken
return from where you start.
Take what is given
swear not to depart.

Search what is lost
learn from the past.
Value what it costs
savor while it lasts.

 Forget what is wasted
listen from the heart.
Correct what is faltered
miserable being apart.

Accept what is fated
there's a reason for shame.
Avoid what is repeated
it's hard to play game.

Fear not what's uncertain
change is never altered.
Go forward, don't refrain
let destiny be lingered.

Love knows no limitations
it's meaning just endless.
It's colors paint our emotions
it's magic invades our senses.

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