Why LOVE has Gone?

.... and two hearts met 
for the last time
She is dreaming alone
silently weeping in pain. 
Hoping for a moment to come 
but never unfolded. 
Then she recalled 
that passage of time. 
Shattered thoughts were 
gambling in her head.

"Was that a look of hidden promises or a glimpse of no return?

Not wanting to let go......
A choice she made in her life 
seems a torturous judgment 
but that 's what 
her mind dictates.
Her love for him knows 
no boundaries. 
That only her heart can understand.

Nostalgic... savoring every
moment now seemingly all behind her.

The FIRST encounter
is like only 

A young warrior gazed into her eyes. 
That fresh look in his face 
brought a lingering passion. 

Beneath such youthful glow rested 
an armor of sensitivity and innocence. 

Desired to be cuddled by the 
appealing softness of his hands while 
she cradled him with an air of mystery.

But now it's gone... he's gone 
As she wakes up
she finds herself alone with
on her pillow but
in her heart.


  1. Love will only work when both involve try their best even when far apart. But if one concedes..It will definitely fail. :(

    1. Sometimes, we thought we've done enough to save a relationship. LOVE can be lost for some reasons. We may not be sensitive in discovering what went wrong... we can only wonder. Certain questions may only demand simple answers. CHANGE in any form may make a difference.


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