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"My Work Is My Hobby"

  "I was born to find the BEAUTY in everyone "   A strong, dependable Taurus who leads the way when it comes to reaping the rewards of hard work. Lovers of everything that is fine and beautiful, Taureans surround themselves with material gains. This is a sensual, tactile sign. Touch is very important in everything from work to romance. Stable and conservative, Taureans are among the most reliable of the zodiac. While sometimes viewed as stubborn, this sign will plod along on a task until the very end, ensuring that everything is up to standard. They're highly creative and thoroughly enjoy making things with their own hands. Joining me in this journey is.... MHEI ALCOS - a proud single mom, born and raised in the Philippines, presently the Owner/Artisan of Mhei Alcos Hair and Makeup. She also works for a high-end spa salon, Riverstone: The Spa At The Forks as Makeup Artist/Receptionist and still with Holt Renfrew as Makeup Artist/Esthetician. She is

Looking At The Brighter Side

I know it's been a while... Things changed but for the better. Some are not meant to unfold yet there are good ones that happened. I lost track but now I'm back. Hoping for the best to come. I wish to forget the past... keep the faith and move forward... I've never been so passionate to write what's on my mind... This time I want  greener crops that will bring abundance...


The beauty of life may come in handy Morning brings new hope and fresh starts As we open our eyes... we gaze upon sunrise As we sleep at night... we glance at moonlight. Look around... a brief smile may capture your soul A vivid retrospect flashes back from a distance Leaving a shadow of someone in your past An awakening of the mind... made you deaf and blind. Light is what you see when darkness subsides Now you can seek whatever  had been lost Let the wounds be healed by the passing of time It's your turn to restore, recharge and regain to finally relieve the pain.

The Bridge Of Life

The bridge of life may be strong or weak It may be high but never too low It may be long but never too short We start in one reach the other side. It is a journey to a destination We keep going without obstacles We may halt, if something hinders. It needs support to carry the weight of heavy loads. The bridge of life may collapse or fall When its foundation is shaky and unstable It may break apart and leave us hanging With nothing to hold... but only faith to lead the way. "We'll cross the bridge when we get there." Whatever kind of bridge we have in our life If we remain firm and determined... No bridge is long or weak enough to make us stumble down.