My Journey Begins

My Daddy Dan and Mommy Abby
My Daddy Dan and Mommy Abby

who was then 17 and
Abby, who was a year older
met for the first time
during a town fiesta on August of 1967.

They became lovers
September of the same year
but because of
a simple kiss on the cheek
that caught the eye of a malicious onlooker,
they were forced to elope a month later
and soon got married.

After nine months ...
came their firstborn child named,


29th of June, 1968...
the beginning of a journey
worth traveling.

Yours truly, at one year old
Yours truly, at one year old

AMA, Haligi ng Tahanan

Kiko and Papa Ariel
Kiko and Papa Ariel

Iba't-ibang klase ang ama sa mundo...

Merong tahimik, walang imik
subalit kapag nagbitiw na ng salita
tumatagos sa puso, 
tumatanim sa isip, ramdam ang bawat titik.

"Hubad na Katotohanan"

Hubad na katotohanan

Sa paghilig ng ulo sa unan,
Isa-isang nagsilaglagan ang mga alaala.
Tila mga barahang binabalasa.
Mabilis ang pagpapalit, patuloy ang pagpapakita.
Ang nakaraan ibinulsa sa isang bahagi ng isipan.
Isinilid din sa hiwa ng pusong nasugatan.


Alon, buhangin at mga bato
Mga punong nagsasayaw sa pag-ihip ng hangin
lagaslas ng tubig na yumayapos sa pampang
iba't-ibang mga tao... may sari-saring kwento.

Sa BEACH - pic1

Sa BEACH - pic2


Quoted photograph by simplymarrimye - surviving

"In any relationship, when pride steps in, 
don't close the door of your heart 
to let understanding overpower the ego."

"Commitment is a lifelong gift of a loving heart."

"If you think you've already given your all ... think again.
The relationship won't work if you have nothing
left for yourself."

"Mga Eksena ng Pag-ibig"

Marami na akong nasaksihang
mga eksena  ng pagmamahalan
May ubod nang lagkit sa sobrang "sweet"
konting kibot lang, nakahawak at nakadikit.

 Meron din iba dyan, parang yelo sa lamig
di man lang umaakbay, lambing nya'y nananamlay
Ngunit, subalit, datapwat, ganun lang pala siya
kailangan ng "privacy" para maging "showy".

We are but Human

We are but
and reality speaks out either truth or lie
We are bound
to blemish our life with flaws
deliberately or unintentionally

We are but
Acceptance is the only way to lighten up our heart
People may misjudge us.
The dirt in their face looks
invisible with their own eyes.

"Usapang Lapis"

Photo not mine

ang sukat nito
Umiikli kapag madalas gamitin
Dapat lang!
Para madaling hawakan ano man ang gagawin.

ang presyo nito
Kaya pwedeng bilhin kahit sa suking tindahan.
Syempre naman!
Para mainam dalhin kahit saan.


Nangako ka na ba?
Malamang... OO ang sagot mo
Eh, natupad mo ba?
Malamang... yung iba, hindi pa.

Sino ba ang seryoso?
Lahat tayo nagbibitiw ng salita
depende na lang sa tao
kung taos sa puso at di nagbibiro.

If Nobody Discriminates...

Our world is an open avenue
open for opportunities
communications and possibilities.

There is freedom...
freedom of self expression
Let your voice be heard... speak out your emotions.

This is Me, AIMEE

Aimee Hizon-Sarmiento

JOINING ME in this journey is,...

- is an Advertising Executive who loves good food, slightly bitter but definitely aromatic coffee, a wife and mom to two of the most wonderful, loving people in the world.  Being a working mother demands both her physical and mental efficiency but at the end of the day, she feels more rewarded going home and spending precious time with family.

She's the eldest of three children by Arturo Hizon and Aida Acierto, born and raised in Sagad, City of Pasig, an alumna of University of Santo Tomas with a degree in BS Advertising. She's blissfully married to AJ Sarmiento for more than seventeen years now and a proud mother to 16-year old CJ and 13-year old Basti.

Aimee at home with her family
Aimee at home with her family
AJ and Aimee during their Bohol trip
AJ and Aimee during their Bohol trip

Aimee loves to cook and bake. At first, she used recipe as guide but now, she can create delectable dishes not by the book but by using her own judgment. Seafood Paella, hot and sour soup, braised ribs, clam chowder, cheese-stuffed pan fried chicken and clams in oyster sauce with mushrooms are amongst her specialty dishes. She's usually in-charge of the kitchen whenever our clan holds reunion parties. 

Acierto Clan Christmas Party 2013
Acierto Clan Christmas Party 2013

BANDING TIME is what she calls when the whole family enjoys a moment of music. They always grace our parties with their versions of Linkin Park's and The Script's songs.

Parokya ni AJ (on drums: Basti, on keyboard: AJ,  on guitar: CJ and on vocals: Aimee)
Parokya ni AJ (on drums: Basti, on keyboard: AJ,
on guitar: CJ and on vocals: Aimee)

AIMEE being a wife and a mother
There are moments that she thought of giving up her work over family because she can hardly find a good balance between having a career and being a mom. But opportunities come her way and she has goals to achieve yet, so she's left with no other options for now.

She's a committed wife to a loving husband who supports her in every endeavor. She's a helping companion in raising their children and providing for their needs.

Fortunately, she has her parents around her to back her up in daily chores especially during week days. Their humble assistance makes everything easier at home.

Aimee maintains a blog site that serves as her outlet in relieving stress, voicing out her silent sentiments and this particular post terribly hit me straight to the heart as well, entitled.. " I am Always Working".

“There was one weekend when I had to spend the entire two days working on a presentation that I have the following Monday. I was using a new program for my presentation and, aside from being slow because I was still trying to learn the ropes, it really fascinated me and made me want to finish my presentation quickly so I can view it. 
Every now and then I would stop to take care of some household stuff: check my son's bag and notebooks for any project or assignment, prepare the uniforms of my kids for the entire week (I do this all the time because I get home late from work and I don't want to worry for some missing socks or hanky needed the next day), prepare food for my husband and kids, ask my daughter if she needs anything for school. And then I would go back again to my computer to work on the presentation. 
Come Sunday night, I was already in bed but  still busy typing on my laptop. My son and my daughter were in our bed watching TV. There was this commercial where kids describe their moms when my daughter blurted out "my mom is always working, if she's not working she's cleaning". 
That made me stop from whatever I was doing. I actually felt lumps of solid something creeping up my throat that I know will turn into a sob had I not controlled myself. 
I told my daughter that I am so sorry that I was working the whole weekend and we barely had time to do anything together, promised her that I will not do that again especially on a weekend. Asked her what she wants to do for the following week, "we can just lie in bed, eat ice cream and watch TV" she said. 
All my kids want is me, my time, my time with them. And I am making sure that I will spend those time with them. 
If I have a choice, I would like to be at home, not working. I would prepare my kids baon (food) for school.  I would wait for them to come home. We will study together, prepare projects together. 
We can just lie in bed, eat ice cream and just be together.”  

CJ and Basti with mom, Aimee
CJ and Basti with mom, Aimee

AIMEE being a Teamleader
Being in the corporate world, advertising industry in particular, Aimee is a team leader. She believes that jobs aren't about companies or paychecks...

".. they're about people that you see everyday, spend more of your waking moments with than your loved ones, so it's vitally important that you play for the right team. People who've got your back, who won't waste your time with petty politics or passive-aggressiveness, and who you feel comfortable being your fullest self with because that's how you can be successful at your job. And when you are with a team that allows you to be successful, you will find yourself learning, smiling, getting paid and generally kicking ass! -- (lifehacker)"

tAimee with colleagues and friends
Aimee with colleagues and friends

Four decades are behind her now and she's proud to have reached this milestone in her life. She's grateful for the experiences of the past that brought a lot of good things.. thankful for all the challenges that she'd encountered but survived that made her stronger and better person.

This, she has to say to herself when she turned 40 last 2012...

"And I am looking forward to, hopefully, 40 more. 
 I have so many things to still accomplish.  For me, for my kids, for my family. Those are my immediate and primary concerns. But with these primary things I have to fulfill and accomplish, I am also hoping that along the way of accomplishing these, I will also be of help to my community and my country. 
 I want to still learn and better my craft. To share my talents and knowledge to the young ones in the industry.  To impart the values I believe in when it comes to my work and profession. 
 Above all, I want my kids to grow up as responsible, loving and God-fearing individuals. Who values honesty, integrity and equality. 
 At 40, may I be the person that I have always dreamt of -- cool, calm, collected; experienced and mature; just and fair; loving and understanding.  Someone who accepts her mistakes and uses it to better herself; someone who accepts criticism with an open mind. Someone who not just hears but listens; someone who not just gives but shares willingly; someone who not just likes but loves."
For all that has come my way, I am thankful by Aimee

A Special Surprise on Valentine's Day

Valentine presents from our 3 precious jewels
Valentine presents from our 3 precious jewels

Gifts come in small or big packages.
They may be costly or cheap
but whatever size or price 
the presents may have...
there's no importance to such
because it's the thought that 
weighs so much.

Valentine's Day is not only 
for couples or partners to share
but is more of a day for giving 
and receiving it.
Flowers and chocolates are being offered
 to make this day complete.

"Sikreto ng Matagal na Pagsasama"

SIKRETO ba ika mo,
Meron nga ba?
Sa palagay ko... 


pero may mga paraan 
upang ito'y maisakatuparan.
Depende sa dalawang 
nagdesisyong magsama
sa hirap o ginhawa
sa lungkot man o saya.

Meron bang "formula"
ang wagas na pagmamahalan
at walang hanggang suyuan?
Babae ba ang nagdadala
o ang salitang


ang dapat na sangkap para
mapanatili ang tamis at sarap.

DEBUT ko Noon, DEBUT nya Ngayon - Part 2

Catering ng Frecel's Cuisine
Catering ng Frecel's Cuisine

Di makukumpleto ang handaan
kung walang "chibugan"
Salamat sa Frecel's Cuisine
ang mga dumalo ay di nabitin.

Simple pero elegante
 ang loob at labas ng "venue"
 dahil sa Rave Party One
siguradong OK ang "lights and sound"!