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"Ligawan Noon at Ngayon - Ano ang Pagkakaiba?"

NOON... Kahoy ay sinisibak Tubig ay iniigib Mabangong bulaklak ang handog sa babaeng iniibig. NGAYON... Cellphone ang nasa kamay o sa harap ng computer, naglamay Nagkasagutan na ang dalawa "In a relationship" na ang status nila.

Being The Eldest of Four

From left to right - DL, Mommy, Daddy, Malu, Mahlen, ME and Kiko Filipino families are known to be closely-knitted With a father, working hard for the money a mother, keeping the home  a shelter of harmony and the children, burning eyebrows to get a degree.. Typical and basic as it is... I came from an environment with humble beginnings. A product of early marriage... the firstborn and the eldest of four was raised by a couple who struggled, lived and survived the difficulties of life.

Miles Away

The future is promising And blessings are abundant Working hard to provide Even it means being away... miles away from home. There are moments of joy We're not able to share There are moments of worries With no shoulder to cry on. There are times of sickness I feel not your warmth But I have to be strong for our kids and their future.

The Hurting

Tears continue flowing my eyes never dried the past keeps on hurting relieving the pain, I've tried. Seeking for true happiness wounds of heart, I get filling up this emptiness is much to my regret.

Meeting The Letter Writer for the First Time

My Debutante meets The Letter Writer It's my honor and pride to meet her in person I only know her by name and we happen to have the same. It's my honor and pride to have her as my guest and read my open letter  for my debutante daughter.