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Napoles and the Pork Barrel

"I don't know what PORK BARREL is." A woman - innocent until proven guilty, said. Ten billion is a lot of money to make anybody so rich instantly. Flaunting your wealth  is a big deal  even it's earned through legal means Sharing photos with  lavish lifestyle is one careless move  an exhibit of obvious evidence.

The PLATINUM That's Never Been More Precious Than Gold

Image Source For almost fifteen years  I chose to serve a company  that I thought would give me the "best" in life  but the best never came  and I was left with no other choice  but to leave the job  I have learned to love. I was hopeful that things would get better  but the company's vision  to regain stability was a failure.  Time took its course.  "What is meant to happen... So it shall be done."